Russian Embassy in Canberra evacuated after ‘suspicious package’ containing white powder was delivered

The contents of the package, believed to be an envelope containing “suspicious” white powder, are currently being assessed after it was discovered at the Russian Embassy in Canberra.

The Russian Embassy in Canberra has been evacuated after a “suspicious package” was delivered on Thursday morning.

Police and emergency services vehicles rushed to the Griffith site at about 10am after an envelope containing a white powder was discovered in a parcel.

Roads surrounding the embassy have been cordoned off and the public have been asked to avoid the area until further notice.

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A police spokesperson told the content of the package is currently being assessed.

“A cordon is in place and the public is urged to avoid the area until further notice,” the spokesperson said.

The security threat comes as protesters targeted the site in recent days following Russia’s decision to launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

The embassy’s Facebook page has been posting in support of Russia, including sharing articles which have blamed western countries for the Ukraine crisis.

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday.

The “Aggression against Ukraine” resolution, which demanded withdrawal of all Russian troops in Ukraine, was won 141 to five.

Of the assembly’s 193 members, 35 nations declined to vote and five – Russia’s close ally Belarus, North Korea, Syria and Eritrea – voted in favor of the attack.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nation Vasily Neben said the vote will “not allow us to end military activities”.

“On the contrary, it could embolden Kyiv radicals and nationalists to continue to determine the policy of their country at any price, holding peaceful civilians hostage but not in the figurative sense of the term, but in the literal sense of it.”

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