Russian ship hit by Ukrainian drone on Snake Island

Aerial footage released by the Ukrainian military on May 7 shows attacks on a ship and a building on Snake Island in the Black Sea, which has been occupied by Russian forces since late February. Snake Island, or Zmiinyi Island, became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression when, on the first day of the invasion, a viral audio recording depicted a Ukrainian soldier stationed on the island and replied with an expletive when the crew of a Russian warship warned Ukrainians to surrender. The footage was posted to YouTube by Ukraine’s Operational Command South on May 7, but the date the video was taken has not been verified. A spokesman for Odessa’s regional military administration, Sergey Bratchuk, who also posted the video on social media, said the overturned boat was one of Russia’s Serna-class high-speed landing craft. Credit: Armed Forces of Ukraine via Storyful

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