Said calls on Tunisians to vote on new constitution on July 25

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The Official Gazette reported that Tunisian President Kais Saied had issued a decree calling on voters to vote in a referendum on a new constitution on July 25.

The Tunisian government has ratified “a draft decree regarding exceptional provisions for the referendum on July 25, 2022,” according to a government statement following a meeting chaired by Najla Boden yesterday, Wednesday.

Tunisian President Kais Saied previously said he will replace the 2014 constitution with a new constitution through a referendum to be held on July 25, and that new parliamentary elections will be held in December.

Last week, by decree, Said appointed law professor Sadiq Belaid to head an advisory committee, which included the deans of law and political science, to draft a new constitution for the country.

This week, the Tunisian General Labor Union declined to participate in a “formal dialogue with limited powers” over President Said’s proposed political reforms.


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