Sally and Amy to the rescue

The dynamic duo of Amy Stania and Sally Plumb are doing everything in their power to rehome as many cats and kittens across Melbourne’s west as possible.

Established in Altona North 16 years ago, Sally’s Cat and Kitten Rescue has since expanded to Melton, where Ms Stania volunteers her home and spare time to put a roof over the head of felines in need.

“I tell people it’s like my therapy,” Ms Stania said.

“I like helping those who can’t help them help themselves.”

“We probably save 90 per cent, if not more, of Melton’s cats around town.”

Ms Plumb and Ms Stania’s work is supported by Melton council, and Ms Stania says her work often includes weekly trips to Melton Pound to see if they can provide assistance.

“Those girls have to make really hard tough decisions on a day-to-day basis as to whether or not these animals can be saved or not,” Ms Stania said.

“The pound might tell me they have a kitten that’s got cat flu and ask if I want to take it, and I’ll always say yes.

“If we didn’t take that kitten, the fact that it’s got cat flu, there is a high chance that it would be put to sleep because it’s higher risk.”

In collaboration with Melton council, Sally’s Cat and Kitten Rescue saved 279 cats from the Melton area alone in the past financial year.

Ms Stania said the start of 2022 had also been particularly busy, with 220 cats rescued since January.

In addition to the leadership of Ms Stania and Ms Plumb, the organization has a small team of volunteers who chip in during the week.

Ms Stania said these volunteers are crucial and Sally’s Cat and Kitten Rescue is always on the lookout for more helpers.


Oliver Lees

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