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On August 13, a $20 million super draw was held on Saturday – just two weeks after the last $30 million mega draw created 14 new multi-millionaires.

Since the odds of winning Saturday’s lotto are much higher than those of Powerball or OzLotto (one in 8.14 million compared to one in 134.49 million and one in 62.89 million), the draw is likely to yield several instant millionaires.

■ Saturday Lotto draws 4285 winning numbers in numerical order: 1, 15, 20, 29, 35, 38. Supps 8, 31

If you’re superstitious, we’ve put together a list of where the biggest lotto prizes in SA have been won in the past five years.

“Some players tell us they deliberately choose stores that have recently sold big in the hopes of continuing the winning streak, while other players choose other stores, believing that good fortune awaits them elsewhere,” said James Eddy, spokesperson for The Lott.

Let’s hope a South Australian knocks out Division 1 as our friendly rivals across the border in Victoria seem to be getting more than their fair share of luck.

For the sixth year in a row, Victorian suburbs and cities top the national lottery charts, with 153 Division 1 winners last fiscal year taking in $467 million in prize money.

A total of 532 grand prize winners were announced across Australia between July 2021 and June 2022.

SA only had 42, and the lucky locals took home just under $60 million in total. Three of the winning tickets were sold in CBD stores.

NSW and the ACT were home to 141 winners, totaling $464 million in prize money.

Queensland welcomed 104 new millionaires ($350 million) and Western Australia had 73 winners ($256 million).

In the last major Powerball draw in June, a single winner in Canberra took the full jackpot of $60.7 million.

Ever wondered which SA home lottery gives you the best odds?

From spectacular multi-million dollar homes to luxury cars, glorious vacation spots in the state’s best locations, caravans, ski boats, travel packages, wine, and lots of cash, the prizes being offered to support a local charity are astounding — and more extravagant. than ever before. We’re exploring the opportunities here.

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