Saudi Arabia.. “The Sleeping Prince” Provokes Interaction With Latest Image, After Falling Into Coma That’s Been Going On For 17 Years

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Prince Al-Waleed bin Khaled bin Talal, known as the “Sleeping Prince”, sparked an activist interaction on social media after he shared his last photo since he was in a coma for about 17 years . 2005.

The photo was published at dawn on Wednesday by Princess Rima Bint Talal on her Twitter account, where the sleeping prince appears to be in his bed under a blanket that reads: “We love you, honey,” and his father, Prince Khaled bin Talal, who appeared with a slight smile on his face as he held his son’s shoulder.

Prince Alwaleed bin Khaled bin Talal suffered a traffic accident in 2005 while studying at the Military University, and he has since fallen into a coma to be called the “Sleeping Prince”. delegation consisting of 3 American doctors and another was invited Spaniard tried to stop the bleeding from his head, but he remained in a coma.

Prince Khaled bin Talal insists on keeping his son under equipment and bequeathed in the hopes that he will be cured. his grave now… Add: Whoever has saved his soul all these years can heal and restore it.” , as he says.

And the sleeping prince had previously moved parts of his body, while Princess Rima bint Talal, sister of the Saudi prince and billionaire, Al-Waleed bin Talal, had previously published a music video in which the prince turned his head from right to left and said in the 2019 comment: Khaled moves his head from both sides, Lord, praise and thanks be to you.

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