Schulz warns: It is possible that Putin will attack other countries

In addition to Prime Ministers of Sweden and Finland Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin, Schulz said the war in Ukraine violated the post-World War II order and forced Europe to strengthen its defense strategy.

The two leaders took part in a two-day meeting of the German government in Schloss Meeseburg, north of Berlin, to discuss the security situation in Europe.

Since the war in Ukraine, which Moscow describes as a “special military operation”, Finland and Sweden have been considering joining NATO, a military alliance of Western countries, which would mark a major shift in Nordic policy.

“No one can assume that the Russian president and his government will not violently violate international law on other occasions,” Schulz said.

In a separate interview with Stern magazine, Scholz said Vladimir Putin’s policies are colonial and that the Russian president views neighboring countries as Russia’s backyard.

“He wants to expand his territory by force. He is desperately trying to restore Russia’s ancient importance in a changed world,” he added.

The German chancellor said it appeared that Putin wanted to conquer part of eastern and southern Ukraine and set up a new line of communication there that would eventually lead to a ceasefire.

“This will not be a lasting solution. Putin has to make a deal with Ukraine,” he said.

Marin said Finland has reliable defensive capabilities and a strong will to defend itself.

“We have a strong, modern, operational army ready to work with NATO,” she added.

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