Shanghai extends weekly Covid-19 testing requirement until the end of September

SHENZEN, CHINA: China’s most populous city, Shanghai, has extended its weekly Covid-19 testing requirement and extended free testing until the end of September in an effort to contain the virus, authorities announced on Saturday.
Citizens without a record of a nucleic acid test within seven days will be assigned a yellow code on Shanghai’s health code system, the official report said. A yellow code restricts access to some public places.
On Saturday, health authorities in the 25 million financial center said they had detected one symptomatic and three asymptomatic cases the day before.
Southern Hainan Province is currently China’s worst affected region, with 594 symptomatic cases and 832 asymptomatic cases reported 24 hours earlier on Saturday.
Tight restrictions and lockdowns in the popular tourist destination are expected to last this weekend.
On Saturdays China’s National Health Commission reported a total of 2,144 new Covid-19 infections on August 12, of which 704 were symptomatic and 1,440 asymptomatic.

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