Sims 4 Announces Decor To The Max Kit (And Players Don’t Hate It)

The Sims 4 team has announced a new kit entitled Decor To The Max, the game’s latest DLC that will focus on bold and bright decorating options.

The latest Sims 4 DLC has been announced, a kit entitled Decor To The Max set for release later this month. The Sims 4 has seen many DLC releases since its release in 2014, with the bite-sized Sims kits being introduced in March 2021. The Sims franchise – which made its debut in 2000 – is arguably the most popular simulation series of all time, with the most recent iteration selling over 36 million copies.

over the years, the Sims 4 has seen many different sizes of available DLC, offering expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits. Expansion packs are the largest, with the size of content offered by each decreasing from there. The smallest option, kits, generally offer approximately 20-30 objects or clothing items in each one. Each kit focuses on a very specific theme, with releases in the past including a Bust The Dust kit, Carnival Streetwear kit, and Industrial Loft kit. some Sims 4 players have criticized kits, expressing the desire that EA instead focus on releasing larger, more detailed content for the game. However, kits remain popular for many players who enjoy the unique themes they bring to the game.


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The Sims Twitter account announced the Decor To The Max kit this week, with a release date of March 21st. The team shared an image of a room decorated with the new kit, featuring boldly-patterned wallpaper and flooring alongside colorful furniture. many Sims fans were quick to respond, with users DuvalJoumaswet gamingxoOshinSims_and JewelMaiden85 all sharing their excitement about the kit, pointing out new items and discussing how the kit could work in conjunction with Sims DLC Paranormal Stuff to create unique interiors. The first user also mentioned the most recent game pack, My Wedding Storiesa notoriously buggy pack that hasn’t been patched yet.

the Decor To The Max kit looks to contain more unique furniture than has been presented in past kits, with a stronger focus on bold modern design. While some past kits that focused on more basic things like cleaning or plants may not have appealed to some users, this kit is likely to interest a wider array of Simmers because of its potential for interior decorating. some Sims 4 fans may be disappointed at EA’s continued focus on smaller amounts of content, or a new release coming before a previous one is made playable, but many are excited about having new ways to decorate.

This colorful new design kit marks the last release for the first three months of the year, as outlined in the Sims 4 roadmap released at the beginning of 2022. Until a new roadmap is released, it’s unclear what the rest of the year will have in store for the series. Although small, the Decor To The Max kit looks like it will have serious potential for players who like to focus on building and decorating Sim homes, especially when combined with other unique content from other kits and stuff packs. While what’s next for The Sims 4 after this release is unknown, this new kit is bound to tide over many players until then.

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