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There were many winners in the June 7 primaries. But there were also many losers.

Once-rising stars and big deals-in-their-mind ran into the office and lost. Those are my favorite political stories.

Here are six people from Southern California whose campaigns have failed.

1. John Valdivia

San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia currently follows challengers Helen Tran (41.52%) and James Penman (20.10%) with just 17.01% of the vote. If current trends continue, Valdivia will rightly be ousted in an unmistakable rebuke after years of misconduct and utter obscurity.

Valdivia should have resigned two years ago over allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct (some of which were later independently validated). But then came the coronavirus pandemic, which wiped out all other considerations. (For the record, the editors of this newspaper at the time called on him to resign.)

Valdivia has tried to portray himself as a populist hero, a man of the people, but he’s really just your standard corrupt local politician. Late last year, the San Bernardino City Council reprimanded him for misusing public funds.

If this is indeed the end of Valdivia, then one can really only say: Down with it.

2. Andrew Do

Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do, when he’s not making headlines because of vagueness, or complaining about record requests, is ostensibly a big deal. He has been a politician in Orange County for more than a decade, first as a Garden Grove councilor and since 2015 as an Orange County supervisor.

Accordingly, like many Orange County Republicans with undeserved ambition, he felt it was time for a step up and threw his hat in the ring for state treasurer. This created the possibility of a confrontation between Andrew Do and treasurer Fiona Ma over who loves police unions more and who loves police unions more.

Fortunately, it seems Californians have dodged that horrendous feud, as Do is currently tracking Jack Guerrero, a councilor from the non-major Los Angeles County town of Cudahy. Fiona Ma currently has 57.8% of the vote, Guerrero 21.6% and Do 17.6% of the vote. Do has continued to follow Guerrero, which is made funnier by the fact that Do has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars when, in fact, Guerrero has raised nothing. Money cannot buy everything.

Accordingly, Andrew Do will avoid the humiliation of losing to Fiona Ma.

3. Lisa Bartlett

Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett tried and failed last year to cynically put a deceptive measure on the ballot that would have extended term limits for the Orange County Board of Supervisors, while calling the measure a “lifetime ban after three terms.” mentioned.

Not surprisingly, Bartlett decided to run for Congress.

Bartlett ran a predictably far-right campaign in which her campaign bizarrely tried to cast Republican Brian Maryott as a liberal RINO or whatever. And so the campaign was bombed, with Bartlett getting just 10.6% of the vote at the time of writing, compared to 18.8% for Maryott.

4. Ron Galperin

Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin has done a great job in his current role by listing a litany of Los Angeles city failures. His reports of the city squandering Measure HHH money for homeless housing, for example, were commendable.

It made perfect sense for him to run for California Controller and I don’t think anyone could argue that he wouldn’t be an improvement over current Controller Betty Yee, who is best known for her involvement in a failed, sketchy, no-mask mask contract. bids . According to Yee, California is also the only state that doesn’t share government spending line-by-line with the public.

Sadly, Galperin’s campaign was a dud, reduced to soliciting endorsements from Yee and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was named by Citizens for years for accountability and ethics in Washington’s most corrupt congressman.

Galperin finished with less than 11% of the vote.

But in some ways, that’s not as big a loss as…

5. Yvonne Yiu

Monterey Park City Councilman and Democrat Yvonne Yiu also entered the state comptroller’s race, finishing with 15.53%, a distant third behind Republican Lanhee Chen (37.1%) and Democrat Malia Cohen (22.1%) , but for Galperin (15.52). %) for now.

Here’s the part that hurts: Yiu reportedly spent nearly $6 million of her own money for this result. Yaks.

However, it seems a fair outcome. In fact, on May 23, George Skelton commented so late in the game that “it’s not clear how she would go about the job because she didn’t give any details.”

6. Connie Leyva

State Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, fell far behind in ousting San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman.

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