South Korea’s Consul General Praises Sports Development in UAE

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Moon Byung-joon, Consul General of South Korea in Dubai, praised the development the UAE is witnessing in all areas, including the sports field, and the role the Dubai Sports Council plays in spreading the sport and organizing various sports events .

This happened during the visit of the Consul General of South Korea to the Dubai Sports Council, where he met Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of the Council.

Moon Byung-joon highlighted the significant impact of the tournaments and events organized by the UAE, which attract the participation and follow-up of large segments of society.

It also expressed the desire on the Korean side to strengthen cooperation with the Council in the field of sport and to work together to attract and organize various sporting events, in particular in Taekwondo, which originated in South Korea and has been launched to different countries of the world.

The Secretary-General of the Council discussed the prospects for cooperation in sports between the two friendly parties to achieve common goals and encourage members of the community to participate in sports because of its great positive impact on health and happiness of individuals in a community and its role in promoting approaches, coexistence and rapprochement between all components of societies.

Saeed Hareb rated the most prominent sporting events held in Dubai, with more than 400 events per year, including competitive and community sporting events on land, sea, desert, mountain and snow, in halls and various stadiums, including dozens of different international sporting events, and the most prominent sports facilities designed on the latest model according to international standards.

At the end of the visit, Hareb guided the guest on a tour of the council headquarters and briefed him on the role of the departments and sections in the council’s work, the sports event guide and the innovation lab. Dubai, “may God protect him”, also presented him with a commemorative shield of the Majlis.


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