Sunny days for cool change, snow for NSW alpine areas

Sydney will have plenty of autumn sunshine to start what is expected to be a wetter-than-average month of May, with a cool change later in the week expected to bring snow to the state’s alpine areas.

The city got soaked in April as a total of 267.2 millimeters fell on Observatory Hill, more than double the long-term average of 126.5 millimeters in April.

Sunbathers enjoy the beautiful weather in Sydney's Little Bay on Sunday.

Sunbathers enjoy the beautiful weather in Sydney’s Little Bay on Sunday.Credit:James Alcock

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jake Phillips said only eight of the 30 days were completely dry.

“Except for the total amount of rain being significantly higher, the number of wet days was higher,” he said after Sydney recorded 22 wet days for the month, noting the “normal number” of wet days in Sydney for the month of April. is 12.8.

Nearly half of the month’s rain fell in one day – 114.8 millimeters on April 7. On that day, Sydney also surpassed the amount of rain it normally receives over a year, or the average annual rainfall of 1,213 millimeters, at just over three months.

However, Phillips said it was far from the wettest April on record, as a “phenomenal” 622 millimeters fell in 1861.

Rainfall totals over NSW for April 2022.

Rainfall totals over NSW for April 2022.Credit:Bureau of Meteorology

He said the outlook suggests May will likely be wetter than average across most of NSW. The monthly average rainfall for May on Observatory Hill is 117.4 mm.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get soaked, it just means wetter than average,” he said. “The chances are pretty high that we’ll see wetter-than-normal conditions in the near future.”

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