Supporters of the Iranian regime confront demonstrators during a World Cup match

AL RAYYAN, QATAR: Political unrest in Iran also appears to be overshadowing Iran’s second World Cup match, with pro-government fans harassing anti-government fans outside the stadium in Qatar.
Iran will play Wales in their second Group B game on Friday.
Some Iran fans seized Persian pre-revolutionary Iranian flags from supporters entering the stadium and shouted insults at those wearing shirts with the slogan of the country’s protest movement, “Woman, Life, Freedom”.
Small groups of men angrily chanted “The Islamic Republic of Iran” at women who gave interviews about the protests to foreign media.
Many female fans were visibly shocked when supporters of the Iranian government surrounded them with national flags and filmed them on their phones.
At the security checkpoint at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, shouting matches broke out between fans shouting “Women, Life, Freedom” and others shouting back “The Islamic Republic”.
Some anti-government fans waved signs in support of the protest movement during Iran’s first game against England earlier this week.

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