Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski want people to know that they are the real victims of Roe v. Wade being overthrown

If Roe v. Wade being destroyed, and it looks very likely that will be the case, millions of pregnant people will lose the right to abortion overnight. As a result, countless lives will be destroyed, be it the rape victim who has no choice but to give birth to her attacker’s child, the woman who already lives on the poverty line and cannot afford to have a child. feed or house, the child who has been impregnated by an abusive family member, or the person who just had a different set of dreams for his own life that didn’t involve becoming a parent. But what are Republican senators? Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski most concerned about right now? How does all this affect? them.

Collins and Murkowski, you see, are self-proclaimed pro-choice lawmakers who nevertheless chose to cast key votes for Donald TrumpSupreme Court nominees, despite the fact that Trump had very clearly vowed to appoint judges who would fall over Roe to Wade, and now the nominees who have become judges are expected – waiting – to help erase the national right to abortion.

In the case of Collins, the Maine senator swore that Brett Kavanaugh had assured her that the historic ruling was “standing law” and therefore nothing to worry about. “He said he agreed with some Justice [John] Roberts he said during his nomination hearings, in which he said it was settled law,” Collins told reporters at the time. “We had a very good, thorough discussion on that topic and many others.” Collins, who also voted for Neil Gorsuch, apparently never thought of the prospect of Judge Beer Bong lying to her, or that, again, someone nominated by a president who promised to nominate only people who roe would, in fact, eventually gut Roe. For her part, Murkowski voted to confirm Gorsuch and Amy Comey Barrett, the latter of whom, during her confirmation, declined to comment on whether she disagreed with the death penalty for abortion. While their voices might change, Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh all agreed, according to Politico Samuel Alito knock down roe after hearing arguments last December (as did.) Clarence Thomas† Which makes Collins and Murkowski look pretty dumb right now, which they aren’t happy about!

Collins, in a statement released by her office on Tuesday, accused her of being led astray by Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. “If this leaked draft opinion is the final decision and this reporting is correct, it would be completely inconsistent with what Judge Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh said at their hearings and at our meetings in my office,” Collins said. (I guess if you can’t believe two men who had Trump’s backing, who can you believe?) Know each judge’s decision and reasoning until the Supreme Court officially issues its opinion in this case.

In her own statement, Murkowski struck a similar note, to tell reporters that if the draft opinion is correct — and the Supreme Court has confirmed that it is a genuine draft — “it shakes my faith in the court at this point.” They added“If the decision goes as the draft revealed actually does, it wasn’t — it wasn’t the direction I thought the court would take based on statements made about Roe’s settlement and setting precedent.” .”

BTW, Barrett, who Murkoswki voted for, never said she believed roe was established law, though, before it was confirmed, did quote the Catholic Church in an article stating that abortion is “always immoral”; joined the dissenters Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Inc., arguing to uphold a law in Indiana that would have required doctors to notify parents of a minor seeking an abortion; and disagreed in the case of Commissioner of the Indiana State Department of Health v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Inc., calling for a law that would require fetal remains to be buried or cremated. Oh, and she also signed a letter calling for the end of the “barbarian” Roe to Wade. Still, Murkowski wants people to know that it’s downright shocking to learn that Barrett could help overturn the law.

Given how badly (but predictably) this whole thing has exploded in the faces of both Senators, you might think they would promise to do whatever it takes to protect right now. roe to be sent to the scrap heap of history. But you would apparently be wrong! As of Tuesday, Collins and Murkowski would both oppose abolishing the filibuster, which could allow the Senate to pass legislation that Roe v. Wade now. (Also unsurprisingly against: alleged Democrats) Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.) So yes, we can probably say goodbye to this extremely vital protection for bodily autonomy.

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