Sweden signs an “insurance agreement” with Britain ahead of NATO move

“If Sweden is attacked and asks for our support, we will provide it,” the British Prime Minister said at a joint press conference in Sweden.

Anderson reported that the “Political Declaration on Sovereignty” states that “should either country suffer a catastrophe or attack, the United Kingdom and Sweden would help each other in various ways … which may include military capabilities.”

Johnson is expected to sign a similar agreement in Helsinki later Wednesday, his office said.

Sweden and Finland will decide in the coming days whether to give up decades of military non-alignment and join NATO in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Fearing to anger Moscow, which opposes any expansion of NATO, the Scandinavian countries are asking for security guarantees from alliance members to give them protection during the transition period between applying and gaining full membership.

Helsinki and Stockholm have already held talks with key NATO members, including the United States, France and Germany, but the agreement signed with Britain is the first of its kind to be made public.

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