Amazon Introduces CodeWhisperer as an AI Code Writing Tool for Tech Workers, Developers

Amazon on Thursday announced a tool to help software developers write code, the latest effort from the tech industry. The service, called Amazon CodeWhisperer, suggests how to program, and also scans for security and bias issues in web developer projects, Swami Sivasubramanian, a vice president at Amazon’s cloud division, said at a business conference in … Read more

Missing people posters in London brought to life with technology

The charity Missing People is turning standard photos released by families into 3D images, complete with smiling faces on billboards across London. Behavioral scientists say the changes make it more likely that passersby will engage and step forward to report sightings. The new posters will appear in Canary Wharf and the two Westfield shopping centers … Read more

Amnesty International demands $440 million in compensation from FIFA for foreign workers in Qatar

Posted in: 20/05/2022 – 10:42 Human rights defender Amnesty International on Thursday called on the International Football Association (FIFA) to pay at least $440 million in damages to foreign workers who have been “abused” in Qatar, the host country of the 2022 World Cup, which has been accused of failing to adequately respect their rights. … Read more

Will bad data undermine good technology?

May 18, 2022 – Imagine walking into the Library of Congress, with its millions of books, and aiming to read them all. Impossible, right? Even if you could read every word of every work, you wouldn’t be able to remember or understand everything, even if you tried all your life. Now let’s say you somehow … Read more

Amnesty launches campaign to call on King Salman to lift travel bans on activists and their families

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Amnesty International (Amnesty) has announced the launch of a new campaign entitled “#Undo the Travel Restrictions” calling on Saudi authorities to lift the travel ban on activists, writers, journalists and human rights raise defenders. The organization said on its website that the Saudi authorities “use arbitrary travel bans as … Read more

Upcoming Our Lady Peace tour plans to take in-concert holograms to the next level – National

Everything I know about holograms I learned from them too Star Wars or Star Trek† Princess Leia’s glitchy SOS to Obi-Wan Kenobi projected by R2D2 onto a stunned Luke Skywalker. The occasionally faulty holodeck on the USS Enterprise† The acerbic Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I on Voyager† All technologies from the distant future – or … Read more

Avoid concerts? Forfeit the big game? No need, thanks to AI

Before COVID-19, filling a sports stadium for a big game or selling a concert hall for a popular band was easy. But as Covid moves from “pandemic” to “endemic”, even many who have returned to their offices and sent their children back to school remain concerned about joining thousands of strangers in a crowded hall. … Read more

‘We are not prepared’: Russia uses artificial intelligence, deep fakes in propaganda warfare – National

Warning: some of the content linked within this article may be disturbing to viewers. Russia’s war on Ukraine has lasted almost a month, and the potential for ceasefire remains up in the air. But those closely watching the Kremlin propaganda machine say there is another battle waging online — a “war of information” that will … Read more