Dubai ends 30% tax on alcohol sales, liquor licenses in New Year’s decree – National

Dubai ended the 30% tax on alcohol sales in Sheikhdom Sunday and made required liquor licenses free, ending a longstanding source of income for the ruling family to apparently further boost tourism to the emirate. The sudden New Year’s Day announcement made by Dubai’s two state-affiliated alcohol retailers apparently stemmed from a government decision by … Read more

Drink spiking: Cairns women’s disturbing nightclub experience

A young woman recounted her horrific experience when she was hospitalized and “couldn’t control her limbs” after a night out with her friends in Queensland. What was supposed to be a fun night for Cairns woman Caitie Howarth and her friends turned into a nightmare after she said her drink was spiked at a nightclub. … Read more

Qatar reportedly bans beer at World Cup in dramatic reversal

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Qatar is banning all beer sales in and around its World Cup stadiums, in a dramatic reversal just two days before the massive football tournament kicks off, FIFA confirmed on Friday. “Following discussions between the host country authorities and FIFA, it has been decided to concentrate the sale of alcoholic … Read more

What is Bud Zero, the only beer Budweiser can sell at the World Cup?

New York CNN affairs — In a surprising U-turn, Qatar announced a ban on alcoholic beer in the eight stadiums hosting the World Cup. That leaves fans with only one “beer” choice – albeit one that isn’t drunk. Football fans can still buy Bud Zero, a non-alcoholic lager that Anheuser-Busch says tastes similar to its … Read more

Kraft Heinz turns to gimmicks and nostalgia to revive its ‘dusty’ brands

New York CNN affairs — Oscar Mayer. Velveeta. Capri Sun. Miguel Patricio, CEO of Kraft Heinz, admits: Some of the company’s iconic products had gotten “a little dusty”. “For a while, we apologized for the brands we had,” Patricio told CNN Business. “We got distracted believing that the future was launching new small brands, niche … Read more

Business entertainment is back

New York CNN Business — Samuel Roe, regional sales manager for Terlato Wines, was visiting business associates a few weeks ago and called a friend at one of the most expensive rooftop restaurants in New York to ask if his group could get a table. He got a reservation, he said, but also a request: … Read more

Berlusconi says Russian Putin gave him vodka, sweet note

ROME — Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s ex-prime minister who has been a long-time friend of Vladimir Putin, has been recorded boasting that he had recently reconnected with the Russian president, exchanging gifts of vodka, wine and “sweet” letters on his recent birthday . Italian news agency LaPresse published comments by 86-year-old Berlusconi to his center-right Forza … Read more

Parkland shooting: Jury has decided in death penalty case against school shooter in Parkland

CNN — [Breaking news update, published at 9:40 a.m. ET] The jury in the death penalty trial of Nikolas Cruz, 24, has reached a decision on whether the Parkland school shooter should receive the death penalty or life without parole. The jury’s recommendation is expected to be read in court at 10:30 a.m. ET. Cruz … Read more

Gujarat, India: Dozens dead after drinking illegal alcohol in western state

New Delhi CNN — Police say at least 36 people have died and about 50 others have been hospitalized in western India after drinking contaminated alcohol. All had illegally consumed moonshine in the Botad and Ahmedabad districts of Gujarat state, where the production, sale and consumption of alcohol is illegal. “About 10 people have been … Read more