NBA publishes win-loss projections for 2022-23 season

Photo: AP When oddsmakers release NBA win-total futures, most casual fans scan straight to their teams’ overs/unders and say, “My team is better than that.” After a lengthy and misguided rant about sharp people doing this for a living and doing their job, the next step is to find the franchises they hate and whine … Read more

“LeBron James Wants To Be A Laker To The Death And The NBA Is Making Him A Part”

According to recent reports, LeBron James is in active talks with the LA Lakers about a contract extension. NBA analyst Skip Bayless believes James has no influence over the Lakers because he loves the city and wants to stay. James, who will turn 38 in December, is approaching the end of his career, a career … Read more

Celtics must consider the long-term effects of Kevin Durant-Jaylen Brown’s trade

Old and Busted (l.), New Hotness (r.)Photo: Getty Images The Boston Celtics have reached their offseason garden of hefty trails. After falling short in the NBA Finals, they now seem willing to break their young tandem, and possibly a fulcrum of their stifling defense. According to Shams Charania from the athleticBoston offered Jaylen Brown, Derrick … Read more

Which state is best to start with 5?

Image: Getty Images Now that the Warriors have returned to glory after Durant, NBA fans have just survived one of the NBA’s most excruciating periods. One filled with super teams and a wafer-thin parity between the three to four coastal teams of stacked talent (Warriors, Lakers, Nets), and the rest of the small market teams … Read more

Lakers owner Jeannie Buss causes a stir on social media

Jeanie busPhoto† Getty Images Jeanie Buss came out of nowhere with a tweet that has been buzzing social media this weekend. She is not very active on the platform and tweets at most four times a month. Her last two were about WOW Women of Wrestling, which she co-owns, and the previous one was a … Read more

Kevin Durant Asks Brooklyn Nets To Trade Him

Where’s KD’s next stop?Image† Getty Images Just when you thought the free agency period of 2022 was going to be an Ambien pill, the Brooklyn Nets soap returned to inject an adrenaline needle into the vein† Only three to dawn after Kyrie Irving defused his own ticking time bomb by choosing to stay a netKevin … Read more

Bradley Beal seems shocked by his status as a free agent

Did Bradley Beal actually want to stay in DC?Image† Getty Images Bradley Beal was expected to be the crown jewel of the free agency this offseason. It was starting to feel like things were falling into place for that to happen on Tuesday when it was reported by Michael Scotto of Hope hype that Beal … Read more

Skip Bayless Questions About LA Lakers Potential Swap For Kyrie Irving

The LA Lakers and Brooklyn Nets had disappointing seasons. The Lakers failed to make the playoffs, while the Nets were swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round. Both teams were favorites to have deep playoff runs, but it just didn’t work out for them. Skip Bayless recently tweeted about a possible Davis-for-Irving trade … Read more

“He’s playing against Giannis, he’s playing against Embiid… He’s looking specifically at what LeBron is doing”

One of the problems faced by the LA Lakers during the NBA season has been injuries to top players, most notably Anthony Davis. The center played in just 40 games and missed 42. The super team was barely visible due to injuries to two of the Big Three. With Russell Westbrook playing nearly all games … Read more

“Ball don’t f*****g lie”, “AD: I’m scared”, “Our coaching staff is ready to bully our players to play better”

The LA Lakers have hired a significant workforce for next season. The franchise has named Darvin Ham as its head coach and has appointed Rasheed Wallace as part of Ham’s coaching staff. After this appointment, fans of the franchise couldn’t help but point to the time when Wallace and Ham were teammates. The duo played … Read more