New Yorkers must protect the police – and themselves – by Hochul & Co. to expel in November

Every day, police officers across our country don their uniforms, pin their badges on and kiss their families goodbye, not knowing if it will be the last time. When one of our police officers is killed on the job, we owe it to their families and siblings in blue to hold their killer accountable. Unfortunately, … Read more

‘No body, no parole’ laws could be disastrous for wrongfully convicted

New South Wales government plans to introduce new “no body, no parole” laws, which will deny parole to murderers who refuse to provide information or assist in locating their victim’s remains . This follows Chris Dawson’s murder conviction of Lynette Dawson, whose remains have yet to be found. Such laws provide inmates with an incentive … Read more

NSW government to introduce ‘no body, no parole’ laws

Proposed new laws would make it “impossible” for convicted murderers to be released on parole in NSW if they refuse to reveal the location of their victims’ bodies. Most important points: The state government is expected to introduce the legislation this week All current and future prisoners would be subject to the new laws “No … Read more

Convicted DC Area Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo’s Parole Denied

Virginia corrections have denied parole to convicted Washington, DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. Malvo was 17 when he and John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people and injured three others in a three-week period in October 2002. Several other victims were fatally injured across the country in recent months as the duo made their way to … Read more

Parole absconder arrested, weapons found

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Albany police teamed up with the United States Marshals Service to arrest a released man in hiding wanted from Catskill. Antiel Pagan, 22, was arrested Wednesday morning in a 300-block apartment on Washington Avenue. A search warrant was carried out in the apartment and found the following: 195 grams of cocaine … Read more

Rape and torture survivor ‘shocked’ by decision to remove Jamie John Curtis’ ankle bracelet

On Friday afternoon, Tameka Ridgeway received a call that came as a “total shock”: she was told that the man who raped her as a teenager and killed her fiancĂ© would no longer be electronically monitored. Most important points: Jamie John Curtis was jailed after he tortured Tameka Ridgway and her fiancĂ©, Dean Allie, for … Read more

A hit man got a 60-day pass to Toronto. His wife tells him not to come back

The wife of convicted hit man Charles Gagne says she is scared. “I’m terrified right now and I have every reason to be,” Melissa Gagne said in one of many recent interviews. The GTA mother said she was separated from her husband during a recent 60-day release from prison, which ended on Sunday, July 17. … Read more

Gascon abandons victims by scrapping parole unit

Progressive Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has been accused of further “waiving” victims’ rights by disbanding a unit warning them of the hearings of their attackers. Gascon’s office confirmed to Fox News that it would be scrapping the Parole Unit, also known as the “Lifer Unit,” by the end of the year. The … Read more

Nicole McGuinness, who killed and chopped up Joanne Lillecrapp, wants release again

The brother of a woman who was murdered more than 20 years ago, dismembered and buried in a strawberry field, has told the Supreme Court the killer is a “monster” who will remain a danger to the community if released. Most important points: Joanne Lillecrapp took Nicole McGuinness and Donna Lee Casagrande to help them … Read more

NRL 2022: Reece Walsh Brisbane Broncos moves from New Zealand Warriors, player swap, squad squad

Star fullback Reece Walsh’s move to the Broncos has sparked a series of shocking developments with reports of bad blood and roster changes. Reece Walsh’s bombshell move to the Broncos has been confirmed and has sent shockwaves across the competition. It was first revealed on Tuesday night that Raiders fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad has signed a … Read more