Canada bans some foreigners from buying real estate after housing prices rise

New York CNN — Canada will close its doors to foreign investors who want to buy homes in 2023. On January 1, a new Canadian law went into effect that essentially prohibits foreign buyers from buying homes as an investment for two years. The law was passed due to a spike in Canadian home prices … Read more

Listen: Headphones are getting really weird

CNN — When Huawei recently teased a new smartwatch in a promotional video, it had an unusual design: the dial flipped open to reveal a secret compartment that held a pair of magnetic earbuds for charging. While the product may only appeal to some users, the inclusion of the earbuds in the smartwatch speaks to … Read more

10 states have now banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals

CNN — New York became the tenth state to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics after Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law Thursday night. The law, known as the New York Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, prohibits the sale and manufacture of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. It is planned to enter into force in … Read more

New York City’s ban on foie gras is against the law, New York State says

CNN — The state of New York has determined that New York’s ban on foie gras, stuffed goose or duck foie gras violates state law, according to documents filed in the New York City Superior Court. The state Department of Agriculture and Markets informed city officials Wednesday that the ban “unreasonably restricts” the activities of … Read more

Bernard Arnault just became the richest person in the world. So who is he?

London CNN — Bernard Arnault, the chairman of French luxury goods giant LVMH (LVMHF), has just become the first European to top Bloomberg’s list of the world’s richest people, relegating Elon Musk to second place. Arnault’s net worth, now worth $171 billion, eclipsed the Tesla CEO’s fortune of $164 billion on Tuesday, according to the … Read more

The Taiwanese military has a problem: as fears of China grow, its recruiting pool shrinks

Taipei, Taiwan CNN — Taiwan has noticed a growing gap in its defense plans. And it’s not one that can easily be plugged in by increasing the budget or buying more guns. The island democracy of 23.5 million people faces an increasing challenge of recruiting enough young men to meet its military targets and the … Read more

Brittney Griner leaves Texas military medical facility after release from Russian detention in prisoner exchange

CNN — Brittney Griner left a medical military facility in Texas on Friday and headed home to Arizona, where she vowed in an Instagram post to play in the WNBA this season as she took another step in her reintegration into the U.S. after her detention in Russia. to live. “It feels so good to … Read more

China challenges US chip restrictions at WTO, citing ‘trade protectionism’

Hong-Kong CNN — China has challenged a move by the United States to block the sale of advanced computer chips and chip-making equipment to Chinese companies by launching a trade dispute at the World Trade Organization, calling the measures “trade protectionism”. The country’s Commerce Department filed a formal complaint against the United States with the … Read more

Inflation cooled more than expected in November

Minneapolis CNN — Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, cooled down considerably in November and is at its lowest level in almost a year. Prices increased by 7.1% annually in November, up from 7.7% in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ closely monitored index, which measures the change in the prices … Read more

Coca-Cola is busy with Christmas movies

New York CNN affairs — Coca-Cola hopes families will crack open some Coke this holiday season, settle into a comfy spot, and watch the first Christmas Anthology movie series. The beverage company teamed up with production company Imagine Entertainment to create three short films, which can be viewed around the world on Amazon Prime starting … Read more