Browns still win Watson’s worst individual game as a pro on Sunday

We’re two days away from Deshaun Watson’s return to NRG Stadium, and there are still some crumbs left worth digging into. From an emotional point of view, it feels like both parties, Watson and the Texas fans, have gone a little bit further. Watson was very clear that he has a season to focus on, … Read more

Browns beat Texans in Watson’s return, 27-14

Prior to yesterday, the last time we saw Deshaun Watson fit in an NFL regular game was January 3, 2021, the last game of the 2020 NFL season, a loss to the Tennessee Titans, after which JJ Watt was caught on video. on the field apologizing to Watson for being part of an effort that … Read more

Deshaun Watson makes Browns debut in Houston

In the months of March through June, we remember all the important dates that preceded this Sunday afternoon. We remember in mid-March when a grand jury that returned a “no bill” on Deshaun Watson’s criminal charges opened a free-for-all among QB-thirsty NFL teams. We remember a week after that grand jury’s decision, when the Cleveland … Read more

Will Levis could be Josh Allen – and I could be Mark Twain

Will Levis, first round QB?Image: Getty Images If it’s up to me, Will puts Levis mayonnaise in his coffee would not only prevent him from being a first choice, but it would also land him in jail. People obsessed with spices need serious reform in their lives. Scars from working on Subway But apart from … Read more

For your own health, never play against the Carolina Panthers

Beware of playing after playing the Panthers.Photo: Getty Images The Carolina Panthers are not a good team. In fact, they are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They trot out a former XFL quarterback as their starter. They lost Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson. They don’t use DJ Moore. They are one of … Read more

San Antonio’s handling of the Josh Primo situation almost fooled me too

Former Spurs team psychologist Hillary Cauthen (left), with attorney Tony BuzbeePhoto AP Applauding a sports organization for dealing responsibly with sexual misconduct is rare, so if you’re willing to praise a team before all the details are released — even if they’ve released the problematic player, director, or coach — it’s best to wait. I … Read more

Sports media has yet to talk about Deshaun Watson

Deshaun WatsonPhoto: Getty Images It had to happen sometime during last night’s game. There’s no way the Cleveland Browns can play a nationally televised game without discussing Deshaun Watson’s sexual assault allegations. Even Monday night football If it’s not a news show, it would have been irresponsible for ESPN to broadcast the Browns, their fans, … Read more

Josh Primo is proof that the San Antonio Spurs are still a top-notch franchise

Josh Primo will no longer play basketball in San Antonio.Image: Getty Images The Spurs announcement that they had released Josh Primo was the ultimate Friday night news dump that took the entire league by surprise. Lottery picks will not be waived heading into their second season, and Surely less than an hour before the tip … Read more

LeBron James Changes NFL Loyalty From Cowboys To Browns

This cannot be calculated.Image: Getty Images Renowned front-runner LeBron James has changed his NFL loyalty because it’s clear the Cowboys aren’t going to win the Super Bowl — oh, wait. He drops Jerry Jones and Dallas because of the owner’s posture on kneeling players. If the story ended there – and of course not because … Read more

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson to be indicted for the 26th time

Another??Image: Getty Images It’s been about a month Cleveland Browns fans decided to mock the victims of Deshaun Watson’s alleged sexual misconduct for their home opener. And his 11-game suspension is about half over. But Watson faces more trouble after another civil lawsuit was filed against him Thursday night, alleging the quarterback pressured a woman … Read more