European Union leaders discuss tackling high energy prices in Prague – Alittihad newspaper Al-Ittihad newspaper

EU leaders in Prague discuss tackling high energy pricesAlittihad newspaper Al Ittihad newspaper Macron promises to convince Europeans to set gas price capeconomic Macron pledges to “convince Europeans” to set gas price ceiling | #Sky_Reporters | #Sky_FranceSky News Arabia Macron promises to “persuade” Europeans to put a ceiling on gas pricesArabic European Commission: We have … Read more

Homes could be hit by three-hour blackouts this winter, National Grid warns

Homes could be hit by three-hour blackouts this winter if the UK doesn’t import enough energy, National Grid said. Households are encouraged to consume less electricity to avoid power outages. The warning comes despite Liz Truss insisting that no blackouts are necessary during the Tory leadership match. When asked by LBC broadcaster Nick Ferrari at … Read more

The Kremlin: OPEC+’s decision to cut oil production aims to stabilize the market

Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that “OPEC+” confirmed its credibility as an organization responsible for market stability by agreeing to cut production. And the “OPEC+” alliance, meeting in Vienna on Wednesday, had approved the biggest cut in oil production since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020, a decision rejected by Washington, which had hoped … Read more

Suspicion of gross sabotage, says Sweden

Climate scientists described the shocking images of gas spewing to the surface of the Baltic Sea as a “reckless release” of greenhouse gases that, if intentional, is “an environmental crime”. Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Sweden’s National Security Service said on Thursday that a crime scene investigation into the gas leaks from … Read more

US delivers angry rebuke over massive OPEC+ production cut

Energy analysts believe the deep production cuts could backfire for the OPEC queen and US ally Saudi Arabia. Mandel Ngan | Afp | Getty Images The White House angrily pushed back at OPEC+ after the oil-producing group announced its biggest supply cut since 2020, lashing out at what President Joe Biden’s administration described as a … Read more

US could ease sanctions on Venezuela, allow Chevron to pump oil: WSJ | Energy

The Biden administration is preparing to relax sanctions if Caracas takes steps to restore democracy, the report said. The United States is considering easing sanctions against Venezuela so that Chevron Corp can pump oil into the country if Caracas takes steps to restore democracy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Under the proposed deal, the Biden … Read more

OPEC+ imposes deep production cuts to boost prices

The price of oil has fallen to about $80, from more than $120 in early June, amid growing fears about the prospect of a global economic recession. Bloomberg | Getty Images A group of some of the world’s most powerful oil producers agreed on Wednesday to impose hefty production cuts in a bid to spur … Read more

Time for the US to re-evaluate the Saudi relationship, Senator Chris Murphy says:

OPEC+’s plans to cut oil production is a “mistake,” said US Senator Chris Murphy, who said the alliance between the group’s de facto leader and the United States should be re-evaluated. The influential alliance of some of the world’s most powerful oil producers is reportedly considering its biggest production cut since the start of the … Read more

Power back in Bangladesh after power outage causes 7-hour power outage | Energy news

Electricity restored after the country went into a power outage after the national power grid went out. Electricity supplies in Bangladesh have been restored after the South Asian country plunged into a power outage after the national power grid went down, officials said. The power outage, which hit much of the country, started on Tuesday … Read more

Nuclear turns out to be the most ‘disputed or uncertain’ and ‘expensive’ option

Australian Conservation Foundation nuclear expert Dave Sweeney says the AEMO and CSIRO have cost energy options and found that “renewables are the most proven and cheapest” and “nuclear the most controversial or uncertain and expensive”. “We have to work with what we have and that is we know that renewable energy works,” Mr Sweeney told … Read more