Bud Light and Budweiser are getting a makeover at this year’s Super Bowl

New York CNN — Anheuser-Busch may no longer be the only alcohol brand advertising during the Super Bowl, but it will still have a big presence — even if rivals seize the opportunity after a 33-year drought. The beer company announced Thursday that it will have three minutes of national airtime during this year’s big … Read more

Taco Bell is bringing back chicken wings

New York CNN — Taco Bell is bringing back a favorite menu item, but you need to act fast. Crispy chicken wings are back for a limited time, following a successful addition last year. Each order contains eight bone-in wings coated in a queso seasoning and cost $6.99. Wings will be on sale from January … Read more

The Russian war in Ukraine led to a historic food crisis. It is not over yet

London CNN — Grain leaves Ukrainian ports again. Fertilizer prices are falling sharply. Billions of dollars in aid have been mobilized. Yet the world is still in the grip of the worst food crisis in modern history, as the Russian war in Ukraine shakes global farming systems already grappling with the effects of extreme weather … Read more

Egg prices exploded 60% higher last year. These food prices also rose

Minneapolis CNN — Eggs, milk, butter, flour… if you made pancakes last year, it would have cost you. Food prices increased in 2022. Grocery prices remain stubbornly high (and nearly double overall inflation) at 11.8% year on year, according to data released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Blame Russia, the weather, illness and … Read more

A US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves

New York CNN — A federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves as concerns about indoor pollution linked to childhood asthma grow, Bloomberg first reported. A US consumer product safety commissioner said the use of Bloomberg gas stoves is a “hidden danger”. “Every option is on the table. Products that cannot be made … Read more

‘Getting out of hand’: No one knows how much to tip

New York CNN — A new payment trend is sweeping across America, making for an increasingly uncomfortable experience: digital tip jars. You order a coffee, an ice cream, a salad or a slice of pizza and pay with your credit card or telephone. Then an employee behind the counter rotates a touchscreen and slides it … Read more

New York City’s ban on foie gras is against the law, New York State says

CNN — The state of New York has determined that New York’s ban on foie gras, stuffed goose or duck foie gras violates state law, according to documents filed in the New York City Superior Court. The state Department of Agriculture and Markets informed city officials Wednesday that the ban “unreasonably restricts” the activities of … Read more

Brittney Griner leaves Texas military medical facility after release from Russian detention in prisoner exchange

CNN — Brittney Griner left a medical military facility in Texas on Friday and headed home to Arizona, where she vowed in an Instagram post to play in the WNBA this season as she took another step in her reintegration into the U.S. after her detention in Russia. to live. “It feels so good to … Read more

One of NYC’s oldest LGBT bars is officially a historic landmark

CNN — Julius’ Bar, one of New York City’s oldest LGBT bars and the site of a pivotal 1960s protest, has been officially recognized as a city landmark. The bar was officially recognized by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission on Dec. 6, according to a New York City government press release. The city … Read more

Coca-Cola is busy with Christmas movies

New York CNN affairs — Coca-Cola hopes families will crack open some Coke this holiday season, settle into a comfy spot, and watch the first Christmas Anthology movie series. The beverage company teamed up with production company Imagine Entertainment to create three short films, which can be viewed around the world on Amazon Prime starting … Read more