Caribbean-American Artist Depicts Chosen Family – Global Problems

Delvin Lugo at High Line Nine Galleries in NYC. Credit: A. McKenzie by SWAN – Southern World Arts News (New York) Friday 07 October 2022 Inter Press Service NEW YORK, Oct. 7 (IPS) – For two months, Caribbean-American artist Delvin Lugo presented his first solo show in New York City, featuring large, vibrant canvases at … Read more

Israel’s Democracy is in Danger—Global Problems

Prime Minister Yair Lapid of Israel addresses the seventy-seventh session of the UN General Assembly. September 2022. He told delegates that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was “the right thing” for Israel, but warned that a future Palestinian state should not be “a new terror base.” Credit: UN Photo/Cia Pak Opinion by Alon … Read more

Women in Argentine Slums Confront Violence Together — Global Problems

Women come together in Punto Violeta, a center where various government agencies and civil society organizations are trying to tackle the gender-based violence suffered by women in the Padre Mugica neighborhood or Villa 31, a slum in the Argentine capital. CREDIT: Daniel Gutman/IPS by Daniel Gutman (Buenos Aires) Tuesday 04 October 2022 Inter Press Service … Read more

Some coronaviruses are fatal, while others cause a cold. We’re getting closer to the why – Global Issues

Some human coronaviruses cause seasonal colds or other mild symptoms. Others can be serious and even fatal. Credit: Unsplash Opinion bellville, South Africa Tuesday 04 October 2022 Inter Press Service Since then, seven human coronaviruses have been identified. Most cause only relatively minor health problems: colds and seasonal respiratory infections that occur every year. But … Read more

Lives are on the line as Kenya’s ASAL region is ravaged by severe prolonged drought – global problems

Experts say herders are on the brink of climate change adaptability due to ongoing prolonged dry spells and occasional droughts. Credit: Joyce Chimbi/IPS by Joyce Chimbi (nairobi) Tuesday 04 October 2022 Inter Press Service Nairobi, Oct. 4 (IPS) – The sight of children begging for water from motorists along the Garissa highway in northeastern Kenya … Read more

Ideology and Dogma Create Policy Disasters – Global Problems

Opinion by Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Anis Chowdhury (Sydney and Kuala Lumpur) Tuesday 04 October 2022 Inter Press Service SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 4 (IPS) – Central banks (CBs) around the world – led by the US Fed, European Central Bank and Bank of England – raise interest rates, ostensibly to curb inflation . The … Read more

Journalists Threatened Need Safe Refuge through Special Emergency Visas — Global Problems

Opinion by Gypsy Guillen Kaiser (New York) Tuesday 04 October 2022 Inter Press Service NEW YORK, Oct. 4 (IPS) — “This woman sitting next to me, Maria Ressa, is a Nobel laureate and a convicted criminal,” said attorney Amal Clooney, who co-leads the international legal team representing Ressa. Rappler news website founder Ressa has been … Read more

Uyghur Violations a Litmus Test for Global Governance and Rules-Based International Order – Global Problems

Protesters in Washington, DC, march against the alleged murder of Uyghur Muslims. June 2022. Credit: Unsplash/Kuzzat Altay Opinion by Mandeep S.Tiwana (New York) Monday 03 October 2022 Inter Press Service NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (IPS) – This week is a memorable week for the world’s leading human rights organization. At stake is a resolution to … Read more

The City’s Fatal Allure — Global Problems

Most cities are unable to meet the triple goal of being economically productive, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, according to United Nations findings on the occasion of World Habitat Day. Credit: Bigstock by Baher Kamal (Madrid) Monday 03 October 2022 Inter Press Service MADRID, Oct. 3 (IPS) – Although cities are seen as a symbol … Read more

Why the South should support UN action against Sri Lanka – Global Issues

A meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Credit: UN/Jean-Marc Ferré Opinion by Meenakshi Ganguly (new delhi) Monday 03 October 2022 Inter Press Service NEW DELHI, Oct. 3 (IPS) – Meenakshi Ganguly is South Asia director at Human Rights WatchThe economic, political and human rights disaster gripping Sri Lanka has made headlines around the … Read more