Cancellation of Ukrainian grain shipment to Lebanon

According to the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut, the contract for the sale of the first shipment of grain exported by Ukraine since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war has been canceled due to delays in delivery to Lebanon. The cargo ship Razzoni, flying the flag of Sierra Leone, departed on August 1 with 26,000 tons … Read more

A well-known destination joined him.. What is the classification of Arab countries in terms of travel risks in light of the Corona outbreak?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The US Centers for Disease Control and Control (CDC) on Monday added a popular Arab destination in the Middle East to the “high risk” travel category in terms of the coronavirus outbreak. Jordan was classified at the third level in terms of the outbreak, i.e. the “high risk” category. … Read more

“There’s No Tomorrow” From One War to Another… A CNN Reporter’s Tour of Gaza After the Ceasefire

Airstrikes and rocket fires halted the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip between Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement. At a time when the inhabitants of the narrow sector did not stop at two million people, fearing the future, some of them said that “there is no virgin”, and that they are … Read more

More Ukrainian grain shipments on the way – POLITICO

A group of ships carrying grain left Ukrainian ports on Sunday, the second convoy to leave in recent days following a UN-backed agreement to unblock the ports late last month, and more ships are expected to leave on Monday. The group includes four ships loaded with nearly 170,000 tons of agricultural products, Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr … Read more

Ukraine grain bound for Lebanon under wartime deal delayed

BEIRUT (AP) – The planned Sunday arrival of the first grain ship to leave Ukraine and cross the Black Sea under a war deal has been delayed, a Lebanese cabinet minister and the Ukrainian embassy said. The cause of the delay was not immediately clear and Marine Traffic, which monitors shipping traffic and the locations … Read more

Monkeypox in Lebanon… What we don’t know so far!

California and Illinois have joined New York State in declaring a public health emergency over a monkeypox outbreak as cases rise across the country. Many countries absorbed the injuries and rushed to adopt health measures and strategies to prevent a repeat of the Corona scenario, but what about Lebanon? What do we know about the … Read more

Briton Rebecca Dykes raped and murdered in Lebanon, Beirut

A British woman working abroad was raped and brutally murdered by an Uber driver before he dumped her body, a judicial investigation has revealed.Rebecca Dykes, 30, was picked up by Tariq Houshieh in December 2017 after a “girl’s night out” at a popular tourist bar in Beirut, Lebanon, The Sun reported. But after she got … Read more

Silos in Beirut harbor crumble on anniversary of explosion

Another portion of Beirut’s iconic grain silos collapsed on August 4 as the city marked the second anniversary of the deadly 2020 port explosion. Video from the Lebanese capital shows the aftermath of the collapse. Protesters took to the streets earlier in the day, two years after the devastating explosion that killed more than 200 … Read more

On the anniversary of the explosion in the port of Beirut… Aoun reaffirms his commitment to justice

Today, Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun reaffirmed his commitment to achieving justice in connection with the explosion of the port of Beirut, marking the second anniversary of the incident that took place on this day in 2020.Aoun wrote on Twitter: “Two years after the tragedy of August 4, I share their grief with the families … Read more

Two years after the explosion in Beirut, lawsuits spark hope for justice | Beirut explosion News

Beirut, Lebanon – It has been two long years for the families of the more than 200 people killed in the explosion in the port of Beirut, but as the Lebanese investigation continues to be hampered, the fight for justice could heat up amid new lawsuits originating from abroad. Tania Dou-Alam and her husband Jean-Frederic … Read more