How Qatar and the Middle East made great strides

Much has been said about how hosting the World Cup put Qatar on the map. The gap between established football nations and teams of rising powers was narrowed as viewers reeled from the drama and reveled in the revenge of the underdogs on the pitch. In the meantime, could a more important gap in the … Read more

What caused Damar Hamlin to collapse?

Cardiac arrest, heart attack and heart failure – people often confuse these terms. But what do they really mean and which ones led to Bills player Damar Hamlin’s collapse on the field? Hamlin, 24, lost consciousness on the field during Monday night’s game between Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. He went into cardiac arrest, but … Read more

India welcomes New Year 2023 with fanfare

New Delhi [India]Jan. 1 (ANI): With dazzling fireworks and rousing music, cities across India welcomed the year 2023 with great pomp. From Delhi to Mumbai and from Chennai to Kolkata, the mood on December 31 was like a merry-go-round. In Delhi, people gathered in large numbers at the India Gate to celebrate New Year. Special … Read more

Top 14 most popular children’s toys that ended up under the Christmas tree this year

Holiday shoppers are often looking for the newest, hottest toys on the market. Such toys are based on trends, popular characters and the latest toy technologies. In 1978, Cabbage Patch Kids was a line of dolls that was very popular. In 1996 that was the Tickle Me Elmo. In recent years, the Baby Shark has … Read more