Early voting begins in some Georgia counties as Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker sprint to December 6 second round

CNN — In some Georgia counties, an early week-long voting period begins Saturday as Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker enter a week-and-a-half sprint after Thanksgiving for their Dec. 6 runoff election. Unlike the 2021 runoff, control of the Senate is not at stake as the Democrats have already won 50 seats … Read more

Kraft Heinz turns to gimmicks and nostalgia to revive its ‘dusty’ brands

New York CNN affairs — Oscar Mayer. Velveeta. Capri Sun. Miguel Patricio, CEO of Kraft Heinz, admits: Some of the company’s iconic products had gotten “a little dusty”. “For a while, we apologized for the brands we had,” Patricio told CNN Business. “We got distracted believing that the future was launching new small brands, niche … Read more

KFC Germany apologizes for advertising Kristallnacht action

New York CNN Business — KFC Germany apologized for one An “unacceptable” message was sent to customers on Wednesday that appeared to link a sales promotion to the annual Kristallnacht commemoration. KFC app users in the country received a message encouraging them to celebrate the day with KFC crispy chicken and cheese, according to Twitter … Read more

Analysis: Elon Musk’s Twitter faces its ‘Titanic’ moment as executives and advertisers flee as trolls run rampant

New York CNN Business — The world is watching as the world’s richest man single-handedly destroys one of the world’s most powerful and important communications platforms just weeks after acquiring it for $44 billion. And of course the world is watching the dramatic spectacle unfold – where else? — Twitter. It’s hard to summarize the … Read more

Elon Musk has sold nearly $4 billion worth of Tesla stock since the Twitter deal closed

New York CNN Business — Elon Musk has sold $3.95 billion worth of Tesla stock since buying Twitter late last month. The sale of Musk’s Tesla stock, totaling 19.5 million shares, has been widely anticipated since Tesla’s CEO struck a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion. Musk had sold blocks of Tesla stock totaling … Read more

Snap stock drops nearly 25% after revenue plummets due to shrinking advertiser budgets

CNN — Snap’s bad year continues. Snap on Thursday reported revenue of $1.13 billion for the three months ended September, a slight increase of 6% from the year before and less than Wall Street had expected as the company faces tighter advertiser budgets in a uncertain economy. In a letter to investors, Snapchat’s parent company … Read more

Facebook and TikTok approve ads with ‘blatant’ misinformation about voting in the meantime, researchers say

New York CNN Business — Facebook and TikTok failed to block ads containing “blatant” misinformation about when and how to vote in the US midterm elections, as well as the integrity of the voting process, according to a new report from human rights watchdog Global Witness and the Cybersecurity for Democracy Team (C4D) at New … Read more

Tech revenues are coming and they probably won’t be pretty

New York CNN Business — After months of layoffs, layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, major tech companies will provide the most detailed look yet at how bad things have gotten for their companies amid fears of an impending recession. Snapchat’s parent company, which overwhelmed much of the tech sector in May with a warning of … Read more

Smith & Wesson charged with link to July 4 mass shooting

CHICAGO — Survivors of the mass shooting at a Chicago Independence Day suburban parade and relatives of the dead filed 11 lawsuits Wednesday against the manufacturer of the gun used in the attack, accusing gunsmith Smith. & Wesson from illegally targeting its ads to young men at risk of mass violence. The sweeping effort announced … Read more

Twitter ordered to pay $150 million fine for user data privacy

WASHINGTON — Twitter will pay a $150 million fine and take new precautions to settle federal regulators’ allegations that the social platform failed to protect user data privacy over a six-year period. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission announced the settlement with Twitter on Wednesday. The regulators allege that Twitter violated a 2011 … Read more