You can test yourself for an STD at home, but should you?

At-home medical tests give you information about your health, right at your fingertips, without ever having to enter a doctor’s office. One of the latest developments in this trend is home testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which are bacterial, viral or parasitic infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Traditionally, STD testing involves … Read more

What your scent says about your health

There’s body odor, and then there’s body odor† Sure, we can all smell a bit from time to time — and that’s to be expected — but sometimes unusual body odor can be the result of an underlying condition. We asked Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey, executive director of the COSHAR Healthy Communities Foundation and a member … Read more

Race, gender and the ways these identities intersect in cancer outcomes

By Timothy Pawlik, The Ohio State University† Elizabeth Palmer, The Ohio State Universityand Samilia Obeng-gyasi, The Ohio State University The Research Brief is a brief look at interesting academic work. the big idea Belonging to one or more groups with long-term social and economic disadvantages increases the risk of cancer diagnoses and death, according to … Read more

My symptoms were dismissed as hemorrhoids, but I had colon cancer

As told to Liz Sauchelli The day I was diagnosed with colon cancer, my husband and I bought a bottle of champagne. We drove home from the hospital crying and all I said was, “Honey, we have to stop and get a bottle of champagne because we’re going to have a cancer toast and be … Read more

When I was 32, I was getting ready to get married and have kids. Then I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

As told to Erica Rimlinger After 10 years of shooting weddings, I was preparing to put down my camera and pick up a bridal bouquet for my own wedding day. I was excited to see all my family and friends at my upcoming bachelorette party, and I was very excited to be getting married to … Read more

A Thanksgiving Nightmare Ends in Gratitude

As told to Erica Rimlinger That Thanksgiving, there was a stomach virus going around. My son Jackson, a freshman at Bucknell University, returned to our Colorado home a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2017, perfectly healthy. But two nights before Thanksgiving, he started throwing up and developed a fever. Wednesday evening he seemed … Read more

First lady Jill Biden to meet Ukrainian children at St. Jude

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — First lady Jill Biden was scheduled to travel to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee on Friday, a visit expected to include meetings with Ukrainian children with cancer and their families fleeing the war and seeking treatment in the US Biden’s afternoon visit to the Memphis hospital is the first leg … Read more

Snakes on a plane, bad — in the medicine cabinet, good!

Research has shown venom from an Asian cobra species has strong analgesic properties. Snakes mostly invoke fear, but we should also appreciate the gifts they offer, writes Peter Mirtschin† TO SOME PEOPLE, snakes are animals they can’t bear seeing, not even in pictures. Even some environmentalists give snakes a wide berth. Is this aversion a … Read more