Germany must stop blocking Ukraine tank deal, NATO allies say

In an earlier speech in Kiev, Zelensky attacked Germany for attempting to hide behind the US for not approving tank deliveries. “There are times when we shouldn’t hesitate or compare,” he said. “If someone says, ‘I’ll give tanks if someone else also shares tanks’. I don’t think that’s the right strategy.” “The courage of our … Read more

Polish president says missile attack was likely Ukrainian, not ‘deliberate attack’

Volodymyr Zelensky has “no doubt” that a missile that landed in Poland and killed two people was fired by Russia. The Ukrainian president contradicted statements from NATO, Poland, the US and the UK – all of whom say it probably came from Ukraine’s air defenses trying to protect the country from Russian bombing. Speaking to … Read more

How Putin’s disastrous war exposed the folly of Macron’s EU army

Russia has, and continues to do, inflict enormous damage on Ukraine and inflicted horrific atrocities on its population. However, a war that was supposed to lead to the capture of Kiev within days has now lasted almost three months. There is no indication that Russia is winning, or can win – thanks not only to … Read more