We must show Israel that the time for accountability has come | Opinions

Israel should not be allowed to whitewash the murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh with yet another mock investigation. The only possible response to the hasty offer Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has urged Palestinians to conduct “a joint pathological investigation” into the murder of famed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Such “investigations” conducted … Read more

Israel’s Policy: Kill the Messenger, Attack the Mourners | Opinions

On Friday, May 13, The New York Times website ran the headline “Israeli Police Attack Funeral of Killed Palestinian Journalist,” which was then updated to “Israeli Police Attack Mourners at Funeral of Palestinian Journalist.” The journalist in question was, of course, 51-year-old Shireen Abu Akleh, the veteran Al Jazeera reporter who was shot in the … Read more

Opinion: Many Filipinos may not remember the terrifying reign of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, but I do

Even if most Filipinos alive today don’t remember what those days were like — half of the country’s population was under 8 years old when the Marcos parents were expelled — I certainly do. Those were days of wine and roses and an all-but-unprecedented kleptocracy—much of Imelda’s infamous collection of 3,000 shoes is reportedly now … Read more

Opinion: What Biden needs if MBS wants to reconcile?

Now President Biden is not so sure. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Biden had sent CIA Director William Burns to meet the reckless and ruthless Crown Prince and investigate how they would mend fences. And there have been reports in recent months that Biden’s advisers had been considering a presidential visit to Saudi … Read more

Debate on the debate on the Russian war in Ukraine | War between Russia and Ukraine

The war in Ukraine, like all wars, is born of sin – a terrible sin that has so far resulted in the death of thousands, the destruction of entire cities and the displacement of millions, with untold consequences for global security. But whose sin was it? It certainly wasn’t from Ukraine. His inexperienced president’s insistence … Read more

The leaked SCOTUS opinion on Roe vs Wade should not shock anyone | Female rights

Many Americans have known for some time that Roe vs. Wade would likely be quashed by the current Supreme Court. We’ve also known for some time that the conservative court judges are unabashedly anti-choice and that three of the last four Supreme Court appointments were pushed through the Senate precisely to increase the likelihood that … Read more

Failed ‘martial law’ in eastern DRC should not be extended | Opinions

On May 1, 2021, President Félix Tshisekedi announced an “état de siège” – effectively martial law – in Ituri and North Kivu, two eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Since then, the Congolese army, Ugandan armed forces and the UN’s largest peacekeeping mission, MONUSCO, have all played their part in a … Read more

Ukraine: From bread basket to bread crumb | War between Russia and Ukraine

A mother in Somalia skips another meal so her children can eat. A father in Syria works 13 hours but still does not have enough food for his family. A father in Niger sees his children sleeping hungry. Food prices, already soaring from the pandemic, have skyrocketed because of the war in Ukraine; the World … Read more

France: When Democracy is a Game of Russian Roulette | elections

Democracy has become a game of Russian roulette. Once considered a routine exercise of the sovereign right of peoples, free elections have now become a dangerous game of chance, constantly at risk of anti-liberal, anti-democratic coup d’état. After a decade of unprecedented post-Cold War expansion, liberal democracy has been attacked by populist and reactionary forces … Read more

‘A ruthless social climber’: Meghan Markle ‘hooked her claws’ into Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is an “evil person” who “removed” Prince Harry from his family, says Sky News Australia presenter Piers Morgan. “She’s a relentless social climber who hooked her claws into a British prince and dragged him back to California,” Mr Morgan said. “And now gleefully exploits the royal titles they have… for huge commercial gain. … Read more