Protests move to Peru’s capital, met by tear gas and smoke

Lima, Peru — Thousands of protesters demanding the ouster of President Dina Boluarte poured into Peru’s capital and clashed with police who fired tear gas. Many came from remote regions, where dozens have died in the unrest that has gripped the country since Peru’s first leader with a rural Andean background was removed from office … Read more

Brian Cunningham also wants to talk to policy critics

After winning a special election for the 43rd Assembly District last year, Brian Cunningham has officially been elected to his first full term. The Assembly member celebrated his inauguration last week at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in his Crown Heights district. The auditorium was packed with voters, political leaders, and prominent state elected officials — … Read more

Resident padlocks Clarkson waves because he’s too noisy

A Perth council was forced to clear some swings after they were padlocked together by an angry resident who thought they were too noisy. A Clarkson park visitor posted a photo of the little deed to Reddit on Wednesday, showing the swings tangled in two places and padlocked by a resident who “complained about the … Read more

In retrospect, monetary policy everywhere was too expansive: the Swiss central bank chief

“We probably all underestimated inflationary pressures in 2021,” Jordan told CNBC. Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images Monetary policy has been “too expansive” in recent years and the current rise in consumer prices has not yet been brought under control, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan said Friday. “In hindsight, monetary policy was probably a little too expansive everywhere,” … Read more

Biden on Discovery of Secret Documents: ‘There’s None There’

APTOS, Calif. (AP) — A frustrated President Joe Biden said on Thursday there was “none there” as he was constantly questioned about the discovery of classified documents and official documents in his home and former office. “We found that a handful of documents were filed in the wrong place,” Biden told reporters who questioned him … Read more

Candidates to replace New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to begin putting out their bids – National

Candidates to succeed Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s prime minister after her shock resignation are expected to appear on Friday ahead of a leadership vote on Sunday. Ardern, 42, said on Thursday she was “out of the tank” to continue leading the country, and would step down and not seek re-election by early February at … Read more

Coast Guard monitors Russian spy ship on patrol off Hawaii

WASHINGTON — A Russian spy ship is patrolling off the coast of Hawaii but has so far remained in international waters, the Pentagon said Thursday. While the appearance of a Russian surveillance vessel along the US coast is not uncommon, it has drawn more attention due to heightened tensions between the US and Russia over … Read more

Trump sanctioned for Hillary Clinton frivolous lawsuit

A federal judge on Thursday imposed nearly $1 million in sanctions against former President Donald Trump and his lawyer for filing a since-dismissed “frivolous” lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and many others alleging they had tried to defeat the 2016 presidential election. manipulate her advantage by smearing Trump. “We are faced with a lawsuit that should … Read more