Anger and fear stalk EU’s monkey pox vaccine lottery – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe has a case of collective public health amnesia. The COVID-19 pandemic witnessed vaccine nationalism, conflicting official guidelines and marginalized groups forced to stand up for themselves; while the early days of the HIV crisis were marred by virulent homophobia, stigma and unequal access to treatment. Now, with … Read more

Monkeypox vaccines: A virologist answers 6 questions about how they work, who can get them, and how well they prevent infection

Monkeypox will not be the next COVID-19. But as the outbreak had grown to thousands of infections, with cases in nearly every state, the US declared monkeypox a national public health emergency on Thursday. One reason health experts didn’t expect monkeypox to become so widespread is that the US had previously approved two vaccines against … Read more

A Mother’s Journey to Get Her Children Vaccinated

Eleven years ago, Kristen O’Meara was hesitant to vaccinate her newborn daughter. “I was suspicious,” O’Meara recalled. “I’ve done a lot of anxious hand-wringing.” O’Meara, director of special education at a charter school in Chicago, said she began her online research with questions prepared to find answers that reflected her bias. “I got to thinking, … Read more

It’s a myth that sunscreen prevents melanoma in people of color – explains a dermatologist

By Adewole S. Adamson, University of Texas at Austin Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer that affects people of every racial and ethnic group. The risk factor most closely associated with developing melanoma is exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun. In fact, sunburn has been linked to a doubling … Read more

5 Habits That Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects a large proportion of men, about 25% of cancer patients, calling on those who are among the most vulnerable to prostate cancer to rethink their habits and lifestyle, to try to reduce the risk of developing the disease for reduce them, According to what was published in medical site. While infection with … Read more

I thought my swollen lymph nodes were side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine

As told to Erica Rimlinger When I got my Covid-19 vaccine, I was told I might have side effects after the injection. Everyone’s immune system is different, so the list of side effects was long. I’d heard people say they were tired afterward or their arm hurt, but I suspected what side effects I would … Read more

A new generation of COVID-19 vaccines can be administered as a nasal spray

Nasal COVID-19 vaccines have the potential to target the novel coronavirus where it enters the body – the upper respiratory tract. Early data shows that this type of vaccine may have a better chance than current vaccines at preventing infections, not just reducing disease severity. More than a dozen potential COVID-19 nasal vaccines are in … Read more

Hospital-acquired pneumonia kills patients, but there’s an easy way to stop it – brushing their teeth

Four years ago, when Karen Giuliano went to a hospital in Boston for hip replacement surgery, she was given a pale pink bucket of toiletries provided to patients in many hospitals. Inside were tissues, bar of soap, deodorant, toothpaste and, without a doubt, the worst toothbrush she’d ever seen. “I couldn’t believe it. I have … Read more

Should You Get a COVID-19 Booster Shot Now or Wait Until Fall? Two immunologists help weigh the options

By Prakash Nagarkatti, University of South Carolina and Mitzi Nagarkatti, University of South Carolina While COVID-19 vaccines remain highly effective in preventing hospitalization and death, it has become clear that the protection offered by current vaccines diminishes over time. This requires the use of booster shots that are safe and effective at boosting the immune … Read more