Labor: ‘We are bringing back the top rate of 45p to fund more nurses’

T More doctors and nurses would be trained as part of a major NHS expansion funded by a 45 percent recovery of the top tax rate, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves announced Monday. In her keynote speech at the Labor Party Conference in Liverpool, Ms Reeves made it clear that the party would reverse Chancellor Kwasi … Read more

Defense spending rises by at least £52bn in response to Russian aggression

T The defense secretary has said Britain will increase spending on its armed forces by at least £52 billion in response to Russian aggression. In his first interview since Liz Truss came in at No. 10, Ben Wallace confirmed the new prime minister is sticking to her campaign promise to increase defense spending by 3%. … Read more

Starmer draws up energy plan and lashes out at ’12 years of failure’ under Tories

s Ir Keir Starmer will use the Labor conference to address voters who are “sick and tired” with rising energy costs and angry at “12 years of failure” among the conservatives. The Labor leader announced plans to end reliance on fossil fuels by 2030, with all of the country’s electricity generated from renewable and nuclear … Read more

Starmer lashes out at ’12 years of Tory failure’ ahead of crunch conference

s ir Keir Starmer claimed there was a “change in the air” with Labor poised to form the next government after 12 years of Tory failure. The Labor leader, who has drawn up plans for a green energy revolution to boost economic growth as a counterweight to the ‘trickle down’ policies of Liz Truss and … Read more

What time is the mini-Budget today? Plus, what to expect from Truss’ tax cut plans?

Mr Kwarteng and Ms Truss are reportedly considering accelerating the 1 cent income tax cut – a cut in the base rate from 20 cents to 19 cents in the pound – currently slated for 2024. Mr Sunak confirmed the move when he was Chancellor earlier this year and it is rumored that the move … Read more

Monarchy holds back Australia from its true potential

The British monarchy is preventing Australia from reaching its full potential as a progressive nation, writes James Fitzgerald. PRIME MINISTER Anthony Albanese was right when he prioritized an indigenous vote referendum to parliament on whether Australia should become a republic, but as Britain’s economy crumbles under Conservative leadership, the Labor government must plan to give … Read more

What does the death of the Queen mean for politics?

t The Queen’s death represents a major change in the workings of public life. Buckingham Palace said Elizabeth II, the country’s longest-reigning monarch who served as head of state for more than 70 years, passed away “peacefully” Thursday afternoon at the age of 96. Her eldest son became King Charles III. After speaking with the … Read more

London politics last LIVE: Liz Truss holds first cabinet meeting after major overhaul

l iz Truss holds her first cabinet meeting Wednesday morning as her new team works to finalize a multi-billion dollar package to freeze utility bills after a brutal cabinet clearance. The new prime minister will also meet Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer in her first prime minister’s questions, and is expected to proceed with a … Read more

New British Prime Minister Liz Truss pledges ‘to get Britain back to work’

LONDON – New British Prime Minister Liz Truss has vowed to “get Britain back to work” after being named leader of the country by Queen Elizabeth. Pastor Boris Johnson tendered his resignation earlier on Tuesday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, before Truss, the former foreign secretary, was invited by the 96-year-old monarch to form a … Read more

Liz Truss takes on Keir Starmer in first PMQs after brutal cabinet reshuffle

l iz Truss will work to finalize a multi-billion dollar package to freeze energy bills after she carried out a brutal looting by the cabinet of Rishi Sunak supporters and rewarded her allies with the best jobs. On Wednesday she will meet Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer in questions from her first prime minister, and … Read more