Final checks prior to the UK’s first rocket launch

Final preparations are underway for the first rocket launch from British soil. Several satellites will be launched into space from Cornwall Airport near Newquay on Monday evening. If all goes according to plan, the launch will take place at Spaceport Cornwall as part of the Start Me Up mission. The first window for the historic … Read more

North Korea fires three ballistic missiles just days after drones flew south, Seoul says

North Korea could soon conduct a nuclear test US officials say North Korea could conduct a nuclear test “at any time”. 03:33 North Korea fired three ballistic missiles into the north’s eastern waters on Saturday morning, South Korea’s military said. It is North Korea’s first missile launch in eight daysand comes five days after South … Read more

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles days after joint US-South Korea exercises, South says

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea South Korea’s military fired two short-range ballistic missiles toward eastern waters on Friday, South Korea’s military said. The South Korean military detected the missile launches at around 4:32 p.m. from North Korea’s capital region, South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said in a statement. It said the South Korean … Read more

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles, says Seoul

North Korea fired a pair of ballistic missiles toward its eastern waters on Sunday, its first weapons test in a month and two days after it claimed to have conducted a key test needed to build a more mobile, more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile designed to hit the US mainland. The South Korean military detected … Read more

North Korea fires another ballistic missile, says Seoul

North Korea launched a ballistic missile off its east coast on Sunday, South Korea said. South Korea’s joint chief of staff said the launch took place on Sunday morning, but did not provide further details. The launch came three days after North Korea said it had tested a “high-thrust solid-fuel engine” for a new strategic … Read more

North Korea launches ICBM with range to hit anywhere in US, says Japan

North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed near Japanese waters on Friday in its second major weapons test this month, South Korea and Japan said. The missile had the potential to reach all of the US mainland, Japan’s defense minister said. The United States quickly condemned the launch, vowing to take “all necessary … Read more