No one has a right of veto over who lives next door to them

No one has a veto over who can or cannot live in their neighborhood in Ireland, emphasizes Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman. In response to reports of a growing number of local protests against the reception of asylum seekers and refugees from Ukraine in their neighbourhoods, Mr. O’Gorman that it was important to share lodging information … Read more

Eighty-three children among 200 Ukrainian refugees forced to leave Dublin hotel – The Irish Times

An estimated 200 Ukrainian refugees in a hotel in west Dublin, including 83 children, have been notified by a government agency that they will be resettled in unspecified locations within two weeks. It is clear that the reason for the move is due to a lack of accommodation for applicants for international protection. The way … Read more

Government considers army barracks to house Ukrainian refugees – The Irish Times

The government is considering using army barracks in Westmeath, Kerry, Wicklow and other locations to provide emergency shelter to Ukrainian refugees at short notice. The Department of Integration, which is coordinating the state response to help refugees, is considering the possibility of providing up to 500 beds for refugees in the barracks in Mullingar, Co … Read more

Number of registered childminders dropped by more than 20% in the last five years – The Irish Times

The number of childminders registered with Tusla has fallen by more than 20 percent in the past five years, leaving the majority of families using these services unable to take advantage of government subsidies. As part of the 2023 budget, the government announced increased subsidies for parents using the National Child Care Scheme (NCS), increasing … Read more

Human rights and rule of law ‘under increasing threat’ across Europe, says Chief Justice – The Irish Times

Problems with populism and “aggressive nationalism” are evident across Europe, and human rights and the rule of law are increasingly threatened, the chief justice said at a legal conference in Dublin. Donal O’Donnell said that people in Europe look to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) as “a beacon” and that many felt it … Read more

Agencies struggle to find housing for Ukrainians relocated from student housing – The Irish Times

Finding housing for Ukrainians who have fled to Ireland is expected to be a “challenge” in the coming weeks, according to those involved in moving the refugees out of student housing. In some cases, about a third of Ukrainians living in student housing on university campuses have moved into pledged housing, such as vacant homes … Read more

Independent investigation into historical abuse by St John Ambulance to be concluded in coming weeks – The Irish Times

An independent investigation into historical child abuse at St John Ambulance’s first aid organization is in its final stages and is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The review was commissioned by the organization after The Irish Times reported that several men had been sexually assaulted in the 1990s by a senior figure … Read more

More tents could be added to accommodation for asylum seekers amid potential wave – Roderic O’Gorman – The Irish Times

Tent accommodation could be added to existing facilities across the country for asylum seekers to accommodate any potential increase, Children’s Secretary Roderic O’Gorman said. A second refugee reception center will open in “the next two to three weeks” and the first tranche of renovated accommodation – with 500 places – will be handed over this … Read more

Irish facial recognition software plans to step into spotlight at UN rights session – The Irish Times

The introduction of facial recognition technology under Garda’s enhanced surveillance powers and the lack of hate crime legislation in Ireland have been identified as key issues that the United Nations Human Rights Committee is likely to raise when it meets with government representatives next week. The meeting, which takes place every four years in Geneva, … Read more