US-led global containment of China accelerates process of its isolation

Beijing [China]Oct. 1 (ANI): Containment of China has become a priority for liberal democracies around the world because of the Asian giant’s dismal human rights record and its apparent threat to the territorial sovereignty of its neighbors, among others, as well as the fear that China wants to impose its way of thinking and values … Read more

Electric vehicle sales are accelerating, but should drivers adapt?

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise and could hit a record this year, but drivers may still be reluctant to adapt as cost and infrastructure issues get in the way. In a report from the Paris-based International Energy Agency called Tracking Clean Energy Progress, the agency said global electric vehicle sales doubled to nearly … Read more

Xi Jinping’s China uses coercion tactics to shape media narratives: US report

Washington [US]Sept. 8 (ANI): The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping is accelerating its campaign to influence media outlets and news consumers by using coercive tactics to shape media narratives and suppress critical reporting, according to US think tank Freedom House. “Mass distribution of Beijing-backed content through mainstream media, harassment and intimidation of outlets that … Read more