St. Louis aldermen vote to pay nearly double aldermen | St. Louis Metro News | St Louis

click to enlarge DOYLE MURPHY City Hall of St. Louis. Members of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen voted today to nearly double aldermen’s salaries. By a vote of 15 to 8, aldermen passed a bill that will increase alderman salaries from $37,400 a year to $72,000 after the next general election in April. The … Read more

After dispatch, 1 discards, eliminates 2 other gaps | St. Louis Metro News | St Louis

click to enlarge The Post-Dispatch is part of Iowa-based Lee Enterprises. It’s the end of an era at the St. Louis Postal Serviceas layoffs at parent company Lee Enterprises have claimed the job of the last employee remaining on the paper’s library staff. Once even relatively small dailies had operations to archive their work. Employees … Read more

St. Louis’ ‘Most Haunted Ghost Tour’ scares off the ghosts of Lemp Mansion | Art stories and interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge VIA FLICR / PAUL SABLEMAN The Lemp Mansion is notorious for having more liquor than that of the alcoholic variety. The Lemps may be St. Louis’ second most famous beer brewing family, but they are far more spooky than their AB counterparts. The Lemp family was once one of the most affluent … Read more

The best concerts in St. Louis this week: January 26 to February 1 | Music News & Interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge ANGELA RICCIARDI Angel Olsen will perform at the Factory this Saturday. Every week we bring you our picks for the best concerts of the next seven days! Click here to submit your show for consideration. All events are subject to change, especially in the era of COVID-19, so check with the venue … Read more

Renters are given 90 days to vacate Centene Center for the Arts | Art stories and interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge The Arts and Education Council plans to put the Centene Center for the Arts up for sale. Soon the Arts and Education Council of the Centene Center for the Arts in Greater St. Louis will no longer be a home for arts organizations in St. Louis. On January 13, the tenants of … Read more

Review: Hatch’d is one of St. Louis’ most exciting brunch spots | Restaurant Reviews | St Louis

click to enlarge Mabel money The menu features sandwiches, skillets, grilled items, and more. Joshua Sturma can still hear the voice of his former boss at the Shack in his head. A fiery Italian who was passionate about food, the man would go berserk every time he went back to the kitchen and saw his … Read more

RIP Blake Fowler, beloved St. Louis bassist | Music News & Interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge Courtesy photo Blake Fowler always seemed to be two feet in the air. Looking at photos of Blake Fowler performing with Time and Pressure, it’s not hard to see how his charisma and energy resonated with so many people in St. Louis and the many cities across the country where the band … Read more

VIDEO: Snow melting off the Gateway Arch creates a cool waterfall | St. Louis Metro News | St Louis

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gateway Arch (@gatewayarchstl) Don’t go after waterfalls, apparently there are some cool ones here in St. Louis! An Instagram post from the official Gateway Arch account shows a beautiful phenomenon where melting snow and ice create a waterfall in the inner corner of our beautiful monument. … Read more

New art exhibition at the Kranzberg explores identity through fashion | Art stories and interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge COURTESY PHOTO One of five pieces in Felia Davenport’s upcoming exhibition Torn mixology. The gallery on the Kranzberg (501 North Grand, 314-533-0367) presents a new clothing-based art exhibition from February 3. Torn mixology represents the graduate project for the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, visual artist in residence Felia Davenport, associate professor of communications … Read more

New ‘Tentacle-Like’ Light Installation Illuminates Downtown St. Louis | Art stories and interviews | St Louis

click to enlarge Courteous photo St. Louis native Jacob Stanley created the new temporary art display in the parking garage at the intersection of Tucker and Pine streets. If you drive through the center and see yellow lines against a parking garage, don’t be surprised. Those curved lines are an LED “tentacle-like” sculpture titled Ribbons … Read more