Electric vehicle sales are accelerating, but should drivers adapt?

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise and could hit a record this year, but drivers may still be reluctant to adapt as cost and infrastructure issues get in the way. In a report from the Paris-based International Energy Agency called Tracking Clean Energy Progress, the agency said global electric vehicle sales doubled to nearly … Read more

How businesses can use digital marketing, lessons from COVID-19 to adapt to inflation

Inflation has become the single most defining economic problem for the United States and economies worldwide in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For most of the year, policymakers have struggled to find steps to curb inflation, but have been hampered by war, shutdowns and choked supply chains. By extension, companies have been hammered by … Read more

Career: Employers working hard to make jobs and work culture more in demand for job seekers after the COVID-19 pandemic

Emily Caledonio is part of the big layoff. As a wife and mother, she lost her job during the pandemic. Then, in October, she found a new one, but it didn’t last. “It’s not just any salary,” she told ABC13. “It didn’t fit and I just wasn’t happy and I was looking for something else.” … Read more