Russia claims in his recent speech that Zelensky is inciting a nuclear world war

Russian officials on Thursday claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is unleashing a nuclear world war after urging NATO to apply preemptive pressure on Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats. In a video address to the Lowy Institute, an impartial international think tank based in Australia, Zelensky called on NATO to launch … Read more

Why US gas prices are rising again and likely to continue to rise?

Gasoline prices rose an average of 3.6 cents to $3.86 a gallon on Thursday, the American Automobile Association reported. It was the largest one-day rise in nearly four months, and after a summer of declines, more gains could follow. Gas prices fell for 99 straight days, ending Sept. 20, after hitting a record high of … Read more

Kremlin claims abandoned Ukrainian territories are being recaptured

Amid news of Ukrainian forces reclaiming territory from the retreating Russian forces, the Kremlin has said Russia will recapture abandoned parts of the annexed regions. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that designating the military operation as a counter-terrorism operation is President Putin’s prerogative. Peskov said the Ukrainian territories were only temporarily abandoned by … Read more

You can now save goodwill online with his new e-commerce store GoodwillFinds

Donation services company Goodwill announced Tuesday that it is launching its online frugal e-commerce website GoodwillFinds. The new venture is offering 100,000 of its donated items for purchase online, with more to be added soon. “Our new social enterprise makes it easier for conscious consumers to shop sustainably online, while enhancing the frugal experience they … Read more

Why it may be time for the West to endorse the Iranian people’s demand for regime change

For the past two weeks, Iran has been embroiled in mass protests against the Iranian regime. The streets are filled with courageous women and young Iranians who are fed up with the regime’s medieval barbarity, massacres and systematic discrimination and oppression in almost every area of ​​human life. The protests, which have turned into nationwide … Read more

Is America Changing Its Taiwan Policy?

Taiwan is once again at the center of controversy in global affairs. That’s thanks to China’s growing aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, which Beijing wants to dominate, and the breaking of the Russo-Ukraine war. They have speculated that China might forcibly reunite with its breakaway prefecture. In May, for example, a leaked audio clip in … Read more

Hurricane Ian is so bad that even the always open waffle houses are closing

With Hurricane Ian about to make landfall in Florida approaching Category 5 status, there are signs even the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can’t ignore about the storm’s severity and strength. Winds are forecast in excess of 160 mph, and the National Hurricane Center has issued a warning for waves 12 to 18 feet along … Read more

Fed May Misinterpret Inflation Again

Over the past year, the Federal Reserve has been criticized for a strategic flaw: It failed to raise interest rates as inflation reached its 40-year high. The Fed is raising rates aggressively, pushing the Federal Funds rate to 3.25% from 0.25% a year ago, potentially pushing the US economy into recession. Some experts think the … Read more

Russian economy will be ‘dead in winter’; Putin’s mobilization to have ‘catastrophic risks’: economist

Russia could see its economy fail by winter after President Vladimir Putin’s call for the partial mobilization of at least 300,000 reservists, an economist said. Vladislav Inozemtsev, the director of the Moscow-based think tank the Center for Research on Post-Industrial Studies, made the comments in a column released Sunday for Russian publication, The Insider. “As … Read more

Photos show Russian torture chamber in Kharkiv where victims are ‘brutally tortured’

Ukrainian authorities said they found a Russian torture chamber in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region. Ukraine’s Security Service (SSU) discovered the room, which Russians called the “basement,” in the recently liberated village of Lyptsi, the agency said in a statement. According to the statement, it was set up on a site occupied by the so-called “people’s … Read more