What is the validity of a naturalization agreement drawn up before the end of the presidential term? Past bitter experiences and the “scandal” of 2018 slept in the State Shura!

Strange thing about naturalization in Lebanon. Every time the denials are spoken, the doubts remain at their strongest, as if history takes the Lebanese back in all axes of his life and his worries, sometimes even taking him back to the same month years ago. The newspaper “Liberation” published, which spoke of “the scandal of … Read more

Monkeypox in Lebanon… What we don’t know so far!

California and Illinois have joined New York State in declaring a public health emergency over a monkeypox outbreak as cases rise across the country. Many countries absorbed the injuries and rushed to adopt health measures and strategies to prevent a repeat of the Corona scenario, but what about Lebanon? What do we know about the … Read more

Jennette McCurdy Remembers What ‘Break’ Her While Working With Ariana Grande

Jennette McCurdy didn’t hold back when she recalled the moment her “broke” while working with Ariana Grande on “Sam & Cat.” In her upcoming memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” due out next Tuesday, the 30-year-old retired actress revealed that she immediately noticed how differently Nickelodeon treated her compared to Grande, 29. The two starred … Read more

A specialist doctor predicts what will happen to Corona after a year!

Captioned “A Specialist Doctor Predicts What Will Happen to Corona’s Condition After a Year,” the Russia Today website read: “Only after a year can it be definitively said that the coronavirus has become a seasonal illness such as flu. In his opinion, there are two scenarios for the end of this epidemic. One is the … Read more

What the merger of JetBlue and Spirit Airlines could mean for budget travel?

If it overcomes the regulatory hurdles, JetBlue will officially own Spirit Airlines and buy its low-cost rival for $3.8 billion. Now, with a merger between the two looming, air travel could once again change for consumers using both companies. If the merger is successful, two very different airlines will merge into the fifth largest in … Read more

A look at COVID corruption

The global pandemic has proven to be a breeding ground for corruption, with “urgency of response” providing a cover for corrupt decision-making exacerbated by lack of information, writes Bella Farrelly. SO FAR rich, highly vaccinated countries, Omicron is a relic of yesteryear. As pandemic restrictions fade as cases continue to fall globally, for what feels … Read more

What is the probability that a child will get Monkeypox?

The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global health emergency on Saturday as the number of cases continues to rise, including two infections in children. While news of children contracting the disease is terrifying for parents, experts believe the likelihood of an outbreak in children is unlikely. “The odds that a child would get infected … Read more

Here’s what a singer from the Republic has to say about it

One Republic singer and songwriter Ryan Tedder, who worked with Blackpink on their upcoming album, has said fans can look forward to a memorable return of the K-pop supergroup when they release their new project next month. Speaking on the “Good Morning America 2022 Summer Concert” series last weekend, Tedder revealed that he worked with … Read more

What you can watch this weekend on Netflix, Apple TV and in the cinema

Not sure what to watch on the weekend? Here is a perfect list of movies you might like. Thor: Love and Thunder “Thor: Love and Thunder” is the fourth installment in the “Thor” movie franchise. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson and Chris Pratt. The film will be directed by Taika Waititi, … Read more