TEAM Party Nominates Six Candidates to Vancouver City Council

Colleen Hardwick’s TEAM for a Livable Vancouver Party has officially nominated six candidates to fill Vancouver’s city council seats in the upcoming civic election.

The party held its nomination meeting last weekend. Earlier this year, Hardwick, a sitting councilor, was named as the party’s candidate mayor.

“Each of these talented people has an extensive background that will be valuable in helping our city reset,” Hardwick said.

The background information provided by the candidates suggests that TEAM will focus heavily on housing, particularly in the context of residents living near construction project sites who feel they have not been heard by the city or are concerned about the pace of development. overall change in the city.

TEAM’s nominees for city council include Stephen Roberts, who previously served as chairman of the board of directors for the Vancouver Hospice Society. In 2019, the organization fought a proposed development of a townhouse next to their hospice on Granville Street in Shaughnessy.

“The experience led him to join TEAM’s campaign to return Vancouver’s governance to the service of its residents,” reads Roberts, who has experience in international banking.

The party enlisted Sean Nardi, a resident of Fairview and a member of the Fairview/South Granville Action Committee, which has been highly critical of the city’s Broadway plan. His background is in information technology and financial services.

Param Nijjar, a UBC engineer graduate, founded his own boutique construction company, specializing in avenue houses and green technology.

Cleta Brown holds a Masters of Laws from the London School of Economics and has worked as an Investigator and General Counsel to the BC Ombudsman, as Attorney General in the Provincial Courts and on the BC Review Board. She has worked with women and their children fleeing domestic violence and served on many boards, including YWCA and University Women’s Club. Brown previously ran for city council in 2014 under the Green Party.

Grace Quan is co-founder and head of Hydrogen In Motion, which specializes in developing a nanomaterial to store hydrogen. She previously worked for the Canadian International Development Agency and in the Foreign Service and was a senior advisor to the CFO of the Treasury Board of Canada.

TEAM also nominated veteran communications and political strategist Bill Tieleman, who played a key role in the various movements against proportional representation in BC’s electoral system and the harmonized sales tax. In the 1990s, he was the communications director for BC NDP Premier Glen Clark and the BC Federation of Labour.

“He is running for TEAM because he says it’s the only party that doesn’t want huge city-wide towers and prioritizes affordable housing, public safety, city services and quality of life,” said Tieleman’s backgrounder.

According to TEAM’s website, the preliminary detailed campaign platform – the first to be unveiled from a major party – aims to address the sense of disconnection in today’s city and the decline in livability for more than a decade.

When it comes to housing, the party wants to use neighborhood planning and “accurate population growth data” to map out the city’s future housing supply and rental needs. It says its strategy to end on-site repurposing will slow rising house prices and stabilize land values.

New housing will be “planned in conjunction with local residents at the scale of each neighborhood” and to ensure infrastructure and community amenities keep pace with population growth. During her tenure as a city councilor, Hardwick was particularly outspoken against Housing Vancouver’s 10-year goals and the municipal government’s reliance on development-driven revenues to fund infrastructure and community amenities.

For parks and recreation, TEAM’s platform states that it will expand and improve maintenance and sanitation of parks and beaches, enforce statutes, and increase the number of park rangers and lifeguards.

With transportation, TEAM aims to improve traffic flow by synchronizing traffic lights, adding new headlands and supporting the transition to electric vehicles for both private vehicles and buses for public transport.

It supports the expansion of frequent bus services on arterial roads, but is skeptical about the need for TransLink’s proposed extension of the Millennium Line from Arbutus Street to the UBC campus. It’s promising to hold a “citywide consultation” on the UBC SkyTrain extension comparing it to other alternatives.

TEAM also pledges to explore opportunities to grow the local film and television production industry, encourage small business growth and support the recovery of the tourism industry.

In terms of how the municipality operates and governs itself internally, TEAM will “ensure residents and businesses get the value they deserve from their municipal tax dollars”, and “limit tax increases to what is needed to maintain service levels at the level that has been agreed with the community.

Emphasis will be placed on municipal government focusing on its core mission of delivering basic programs and services “in the most efficient and effective manner possible, before giving careful thought to the delivery of services beyond its mandate.” Improved efficiency will also be achieved by utilizing the newly established Vancouver Auditor General’s office.

Municipal elections will be held on October 15, 2022.

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