The Best University Coding Bootcamps in 2022

Prospective students may encounter different types of university coding boot camps. Some have partnerships between universities and organizations, others offer credits, and others offer continuing education opportunities without credits.

Made by partner organizations

Several organizations, such as Trilogy Education Services, Noodle Partners, and Stack Education, partner with universities to offer coding bootcamps and related programs.

These organizations often have a vested interest in supporting the technology industry. They help schools set up and provide useful training programs.

Offer college credit

Several schools offer college credits to students who complete boot camps. Institutions such as Westcliff University and Yale University award credits to encourage students to continue the boot camp or graduate at a later date. These coding bootcamp college credits can then be applied to a degree program.

Continuing education, without credits

Most university coding bootcamps fall into this category. Colleges run these continuing education programs so that new, current, and former students can strengthen their skills and credentials. The following boot camps may not award credits, but they do appeal to employers.

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