The hijacked Muni bus hurtles on a wild ride through SF’s Mission District

San Francisco police say they have arrested a man who assaulted a Muni bus driver Friday night, hijacked the vehicle and hit several cars while driving in the Mission District.

Police identified the suspect as Rickey Dancy, 36.

Just before 8 p.m. Friday, Dancy allegedly assaulted the Muni driver and commandeered the vehicle on Cortland and Mission streets. From there, he drove more than a mile north to 19th and Guerrero streets, hitting several other cars along the way, said Robert Rueca, San Francisco police officer.

Officer Raj Vaswani tweeted Friday night that about 10 cars had been hit by the bus. There were no passengers on board at the time.

Video of the incident obtained by KRON4 shows the empty Muni bus swerving into the middle of the street, crossing into the opposite lane and cutting off cars as it made wide right turns.

Delaney Rua, who worked with Delfina in the mission Friday night, said she saw several sirens and six to eight police cars parked along 18th Street up to the intersection with Guerrero from the restaurant, as well as two or three others blocking the road. crossroads from the side of Guerrero.

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