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We should never assume, but it’s safe to say you’re aware of the perilous state of play facing many communities on Australia’s east coast right now. If not, hit this link and catch up on what’s transpired today – it’s a collaborative effort from Australian Community Media newsrooms scattered far and wide. What you might have missed is two heart-stoppingly amazing events linked only by a common circumstance, the floods. First, let’s go to Lismore in northern NSW. Parts of the city have been completely totalled by the record-breaking flood. But that doesn’t stop some people – Troy Lickiss, in particular. He overheard a complete stranger having what he believed to be his final chat to his dad who was trapped in a car in flood water. Mr Lickiss and his neighbor Sean Vietch, didn’t hesitate. They found their way to the trapped man, smashed a car window and dragged him to safety. He also rescued a neighbor he saw trying to climb onto the roof of her house. As if taking refuge on your roof is terrifying enough, smoke started billowing, then flames. Mr Lickiss pushed a boat over fences against the current to rescue her. Then there’s the family of seven the pair saved off a balcony, and the two people who had their noses to the ceiling with floodwater at their chins. “This is just my story, there are hundreds more,” Mr Lickiss told Lismore City News reporter Cathy Adams. Well, sure, but…wow. just wow. When parts of Queensland faced similarly wild weather, there was another triumph of the human spirit – with the arrival of Jacob Ishak. Between alleged rainbombs, flash floods and road closures, when else would you want to become a first-time parent? In the meantime, tales of human kindness gently restore our belief that all is not dire. From the generous couple ready to drive 10 hours to give flood victims a hand, to the firies who made sure an unwell Irish wolfhound could be treated, as well as the three men who rescued about a million bees from flood water – there is goodness everywhere . We might be in need of all those good vibes for a while yet. Did you know you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here THE NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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