The Kurds wave to “set the borders on fire” if Turkey attacks them

News of an “US offer” to drive the “SDF” 30 km inside Syria

In light of news of a “US offer” to Turkey to remove the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) 30 kilometers inside Syria’s borders, the Syrian Kurds threatened to “ignite” the borders between the two countries if the Turks their threat to launch a military operation against them.

The commander of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, Mazloum Abdi, said yesterday at a press conference in Al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria, that “the US government has officially told me through Brett McGurk (the National Security Council) that it is the Turkish operation,” adding that Turkey, in return, “Designed to attack. Abdi renewed his denial of the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units”, which are the mainstay of the “SDF”, with the recent bombings in Istanbul. He indicated that they are “ready for any Turkish attack”, adding that “if Turkey starts the war, the entire Syrian-Turkish border will ignite”.

Meanwhile, Turkish sources revealed a US offer to prevent the ground operation in northern Syria, which requires the removal of the Kurdish “units” of militants from the border up to a distance of 30 kilometers, noting that US ambassador to Ankara, Jeff Flake, the offer in a meeting with Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. , A few days ago.

In this context, Bassam Saqr, a member of the presidential council of the “Syrian Democratic Council” (SDC) in Washington, said the US State Department had called on them to inform them of a “new American” position that culminated in two statements from the State Department and Defense Ministries stressed “the need to mitigate escalation”. Saqr described Asharq Al-Awsat that the meeting was “fruitful” and stressed that “there is no American green light” for the Turkish operation.

This came as it was reported that negotiations are underway between Ankara and Moscow that could lead to Russia’s approval of a limited military operation that will see Turkey achieve its goal of securing its southern borders and ending its wide-ranging invasion of the region. .
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