The Ministry of Health announces the registration of 4 cases of monkey pox

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the registration of four new cases of monkeypox in the country, in line with policies followed by health authorities for early monitoring and investigation of the disease.

The ministry confirms that monkeypox is a contagious viral disease, but the ways in which it spreads are limited compared to the “Covid-19” virus, and the most prominent ways of transmitting infection from one person to another are are through contact with bodily fluids and respiratory droplets, contact with skin lesions of an infected person and contact with the surface contaminated by the infected person, or through the placenta from the pregnant mother to her fetus.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection recommends that members of the community follow all safety and health prevention measures and take necessary preventive measures during travel and gatherings.

The ministry assures community members that the health authorities in the country are taking all necessary measures, including investigation, contact investigation and follow-up, in addition to continuous and diligent work to prepare the health sector for epidemics and infectious diseases.

The ministry also calls on the public to follow developments and instructions from health authorities, obtain information from official sources in the country and avoid spreading rumors and false information.

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