The Project: Lisa Wilkinson weighs in on Prime Minister’s ‘blessed’ comment

Project host Lisa Wilkinson supports wheelchair athlete Dylan Alcott after his comments about the prime minister.

Project host Lisa Wilkinson supports wheelchair athlete Dylan Alcott after criticizing the prime minister for saying he was “blessed” not to have a child with a disability.

Mr Morrison was questioned at the Sky News/The Courier Mail People’s Forum in Brisbane on Wednesday evening about what the future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme would look like under his government.

The woman, Catherine, said she had a four-year-old autistic son and his NDIS funding had been cut by 30 percent.

“Jenny and I are blessed, we have two children who didn’t have to go through that,” he continued. And so for parents, with children who are disabled, I can only try to understand your aspirations for those children.

“And then I think that’s the beauty of national disability insurance.”

Tennis star and current Australian of the Year Alcott was particularly offended by the Prime Minister’s comment.

“I woke up this morning feeling blessed to be disabled – I think my parents are very happy about it too,” he wrote on Thursday.

“It doesn’t help to feel sorry for us and our families. Treating us equally and giving us choice and control over our own lives does.”

Wilkinson said Alcott was a “true leader” and that Australia was “blessed” for representing the nation around the world.

Disability advocate and advocate Sam Drummond said he did not believe Scott Morrison meant any harm by his comment, but said he wished society “to see disability as a good thing”.

“There is a deeply held belief within Australian society that disability is a bad thing and that it happens to other people and if it happens to us it is a tragedy,” he said. The project panel.

“So when we hear things like, it’s a blessing that it doesn’t happen, or I pray for you, the message people with disabilities are getting is that something is wrong with you and something needs to be fixed.

“We hear this all the time and comments like this follow us on the street and have an impact on our daily lives.”

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes, also a mother of a son with autism, criticized Mr Morrison’s opponents for “politicizing” the issue and missing the point.

“I can’t believe this is what they want to focus on,” she told Sydney’s 2GB radio.

“You know, (the Prime Minister and Jenny) were blessed. They tried to have children for 14 years. And they are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

“But if that’s what you want to pick up from the Prime Minister, if you want to emphasize this point that he’s somehow ignoring the experience … get out, stop politicizing our experience if you’ve never experienced it.” .”

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