The Weather Network – Severe Thunderstorm Watches Released in BC During Tuesday’s Storm Risk

It’s going to be an active Tuesday in western Canada as thunderstorms break across the region. On Tuesday, in anticipation of the threat of large hail and strong wind gusts, severe thunderstorms will sweep across parts of the BC interior.

Stay alert to rapidly changing conditions and provide a safe place to quickly take shelter if your location falls under an alert. More on what to expect Tuesday and into the long weekend, below.

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British Columbia’s first heat event of 2022 announced it would begin in the last week of June. Although the readings were a long way from the historic heat we saw a year ago, temperatures climbed into the low to mid-30s in many places in the region.


Cooler air pushing inland on Tuesday will wipe out the first heat event of the season on the south coast.

Tuesday’s maximum temperatures will be up to 10 degrees cooler than Monday’s warm temperatures along the coast, while temperatures inland will drop about five degrees.

Despite the cooler temperatures, cold air in the air will create enough instability to trigger a series of thunderstorms for some people inland.


Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued early thunderstorm forecasts Tuesday morning for the Okanagan Valley, North Thompson, Cariboo, Shuswap, Arrow Lakes, Slocan Lake and 100 Mile.

The strongest thunderstorms that form over inland can cause heavy rainfall, strong wind gusts and large hail.

Lightning poses a significant risk to your safety, even if a thunderstorm does not reach serious limits. ECCC added in its severe thunderstorm: “Lightning kills and injures Canadians every year. Remember, if the thunder roars, get inside!”

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Isolated, sustained showers will continue to pour over BC on Wednesday. Conditions will turn drier as we head into Thursday and Canada Day, with temperatures forecast for the turn of the season around the turn of the month.

Much cooler weather, with a few seasonal degrees, will last all through the long weekend in the southern parts of BC.


Meanwhile, northern areas will be warmer than most seasonal days this week.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest BC forecast updates

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