This Vancouver restaurant serves the most extra and monstrous milkshakes you will ever see

This Vancouver, BC restaurant serves some of the most otherworldly milkshakes you’ll ever see.

A brunch restaurant in North Vancouver, Craffles is the one to thank for these colorful monstrous ice cream treats. They are actually called Monster Shakes and the restaurant serves six different kinds.

If you think your stomach can handle it, go to the unique place and try one for yourself. There is no doubt that the camera will eat here first.

Check out how vibrant and outdoorsy these milkshakes look.

The Unicorn Rainbow Monster Shake is a pink milkshake that actually looks like a unicorn exploded on it.

It comes with sprinkles, marshmallow ears, an ice cream cone, sour bands, a unicorn bracelet, whipped cream, sprinkles, some strawberry drizzle – and to top it off, of course, a unicorn lollipop.

You can also get other candy themed shakes like a Fun Cotton Candy Party Shake for all the cotton candy lovers out there.

Of course, this shake comes topped with tons of cotton candy, sprinkles, a carnival lollipop, a marshmallow stick, whipped cream, a strawberry bar, and strawberry drizzle.

Beware of the sugar rush you are sure to get after eating one of these masterpieces.

If you don’t feel like going super extra and ordering the unicorn themed shake, they also offer some smaller ones without all the extravagant toppings.

This place is a must try place to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings and enjoy a super unique treat!



Address: 123 Carrie Cates Ct #116., North Vancouver, BC

Why you should go: This is the best restaurant to try the most extra milkshakes ever. There is no doubt that you should take a shot with these shakes before you dig in.


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