TLC Commissioner Resigns After Slurring Words, Berating Employees in Virtual Meeting – NBC New York

A commissioner of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission resigned Wednesday afternoon, after she slurred words while verbally berating and threatening employees in a virtual meeting.

The damning recordings, obtained by NBC New York, feature Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk on a Microsoft Teams meeting calling out workers.

“Someone is messing around with the mute and don’t think I won’t figure it out who it is. I will f—–g come for you,” Heredia Jarmoszuk can be heard saying in the recording.

When an employee during the call raised an issue about working holidays, Heredia Jarmoszuk told that worker to “work it out with your supervisor. But don’t, like, b—h and complain about it because that’s not helpful to any of us.”

It was not immediately clear when the virtual meeting was held.

She later told those on the call “don’t come to me with your nyeh-nyeh-nyehs, complaining about little things, because I can complain about everything that’s happening in my life at work, all day every day.”

A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams said that the administration was alerted about the incident last week.

“We have conducted an internal review and will be accepting her resignation,” the spokesperson said.

Heredia Jarmoszuk’s resignation marks the first cabinet-level staff departure of the Adams administration, which has been in office for just over two months.

A request for comment from NBC New York to Heredia Jarmoszuk was not immediately returned.

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